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Richard Sugden, M.D.

Dr. Sugden is Board Certified as a Diplomat in the American Board of Family Practice, and also as a Diplomat in the American Board of Emergency Medicine and is Director of the Flying Physicians Association.

A Brief History of Dr. Sugden and TDS

A graduate of Stanford University, Dr. Richard Sugden received his medical degree from Baylor college of Medicine in Houston.

He served in the military at the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute Flight Surgery Training program, and at the Naval Air Test Center U.S.N. Test Pilot School, NATC and as a TPS Flight Surgeon. He did Residency Training at Baylor College of Medicine Affiliate Hospital in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Sugden founded Teton Data Systems (TDS) after recognizing a need that physicians had for finding medical information quickly.

Back in 1987, a fellow physician from Big Piney called Dr. Sugden for a consult on a pregnant patient with some unique symptoms. Although he suspected Lyme disease, he didn’t know the best course of treatment. Researching this took hours back then, thumbing through reference books. He thought, This is ridiculous! So, he wrote a program to make the info in Scientific American searchable on a Macintosh computer. These were the humble beginnings of STAT!Ref. Every year, more titles were added to the CD-ROMs and eventually TDS started offering STAT!Ref online.

He’s currently a private practice family physician and has been practicing in Jackson, Wyoming since 1975. He also has a free clinic in Jackson and keeps busy providing care to patients. He provides guidance to TDS, and uses STAT!Ref daily in his practice.

In his spare time, he likes to travel and fly his airplanes.

A Favorite Hobby

Dr. Sugden in one of his planes