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We create Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules (PALMs) that incorporate revolutionary tools to accelerate learning beyond what is possible using conventional instruction.

The Best New Way to Learn

PALMs, or Perceptual-Adaptive Learning Modules, from Med Insight LT are a revolutionary advanced learning technology using a PATENTED combination of perceptual and adaptive sequencing based on both accuracy and speed of learners to improve learning and retention of information over regular didactic methods.

PALMs will:

  • Improve learning outcomes and long term retention of information
  • Set learning points and track students’ progress in learning these points until they achieve a mastery level
  • Engage more students and faculty to save time and costs
  • With customization, integrate your own course materials to create your own PALMs and/or choose from the already developed modules available

Developed by Dr. Phillip Kellman, the principal investigator at UCLA Human Perception Lab and his team of researchers and supported by detailed studies and research, the PALMs product is the only learning technology that offers this adaptive sequencing based on speed and accuracy of learners’ responses with the ability to provide feedback.


Why it Works

Med Insight LT has been at the forefront of researching how the brain learns for over twenty years. See below or details about why this patented technology works. And, see the PALMs Studies and Publications document with research, studies and applications of proven PALMs patented algorithm and design effectiveness in a variety of educational settings.

Optimized Spacing and Sequencing

Their patented adaptive learning technology tailors learning to the individual, using past and current performance to optimize the spacing and sequencing of learning events. Their automated sequencing procedures guarantee that items will not be repeated too soon or too late, both of which can impede learning.

Systematic Approach to Pattern Recognition

PALMs offer, for the first time, systematic ways of teaching pattern recognition. PALMs targeting crucial domains in mathematics and science have been shown to have powerful, long-lasting effects on students' learning.

Adaptive Sequencing & Spacing

At the heart of their modules are patented procedures for determining the order that items appear in during a learning session. The Med Insight LT algorithm takes into account both the accuracy and speed of the learner on various learning items to determine what appears next in order to optimize the learning. Their automated sequencing procedures guarantee that less well-learned items will return sooner, whereas better-learned items are spaced further apart. The algorithm attempts to space out presentations for as long as possible, fostering long-term retention of the material.

How Adaptive Sequencing Algorithms Work
How Adaptive Sequencing Algorithms Work

Perceptual Learning

PALMs learning modules target perceptual learning. Students gain the ability to “see" patterns and relationships in mathematics and other domains. Perceptual learning is an important component of expertise and often overlooked in traditional classroom instruction.


PALMs Features

Deep Learning & Automaticity

Deep Learning & Automaticity

PALMs help learners quickly develop deep understanding and automaticity in using of difficult concepts and skills.
Research-Proven Techniques

Research-Proven Techniques

Years of scientific research in laboratories at UCLA and the University of Pennsylvania reveal that the adaptive learning algorithms used by Med Insight LT greatly reduce learning time and ensure strong retention.
Tailored Feedback

Tailored Feedback

PALMs offer unique opportunities for rich feedback that is incorporated directly into the ongoing learning session. This immediate feedback helps learners master the patterns and relationships that underlie correct answers.
Objective Learning Criteria

Objective Learning Criteria

PALMs set an objective standard of mastery for every category of items to be learned, allowing educators to monitor the status of each individual’s progress through to learning points/categories (e.g., diagnoses, anatomical identifications) and make sure that the learning experience is complete.
Tracking and Assessment

Tracking and Assessment

In addition to tracking individual items, overall performance is tracked and monitored. PALMs, coupled with Assessments, offer unprecedented opportunities for exposing and giving additional practice in areas of the individual learner’s weaknesses.


Once each category of items has become particularly well-learned – after several spaced, accurate answers, each made within a targeted response time – it is retired from the learning set for that session, thereby focusing the learner’s efforts on material that still needs to be mastered.
Sequenced vs. Un-sequenced Modes

Sequenced vs. Un-sequenced Modes

The Sequenced Mode guides learners through a series of learning events: pre-test, training, post-test, optional further practice, and an optional delayed test. The Un-sequenced Mode puts learners in charge of their own learning style, allowing them to work on training modules or assessments in any order and as frequently as desired.
Robust User Management

Robust User Management

Our administrator tools allow educators to create online schools and manage instructors, classes, and individual learners, as well as easily set different learning styles for individuals or groups.
Powerful Score Reporting

Powerful Score Reporting

A Score Reporter benefits both learners and educators by representing every feature of the individual’s learning progress, such as difficulty in mastering each learning point/category, individual performance history, and more.


How is it Offered?

PALMS offers existing, already developed suites, as seen below, ready for purchase. Or, in place of or in addition to purchasing already created suites, there are options to customize and build your own suites using specific institutionally-owned materials and existing curricula content.

  • Choose from already developed suites (as seen below)
  • Customize and build your own PALMS using your course materials and content
  • Include both the existing PALMs suites as well as create your own custom suites


Palm Suites


This collection includes PALMs for training interpretation of clinical tests related to diagnosing cardiac abnormalities. Examples of such tests are blood pressure determination, 12-lead ECG, bedside cardiac ultrasound, and transesophageal echocardiography.


This collection trains the vocabulary for describing skin lesion morphologies, configurations and distributions as well as identification and discrimination of common dermatologic disorders. PALMs for mixed skin types as well as those specific to dark skin are included.


This collection trains users to distinguish among the basic pathologic processes of cell & tissue injury/repair, acute inflammation, chronic inflammation, and neoplasia as well as normal histology.


This collection uses PALMs to train interpretation of common clinical tests and measurements made during gynecologic examinations, pregnancy and childbirth. Examples are interpretation of fetal heart rate patterns and colposcopy images.


This collection aims to train identification of normal anatomy based on CTs, plane field x-rays, MRIs, and ultrasound images as well as training interpretation of pathologies present in these images.


This collection focuses on training identification of ultrasound views (planes) and normal anatomical structures along with discriminating pathologies present in ultrasound images and video clips.


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Med Insight LT and Teton Data Systems have partnered to provide a revolutionary advanced learning technology with the introduction of PALMs. With integration within our STAT!Ref product, we believe the PALMs product fits right in with the goals of Teton Data Systems in providing the most innovative healthcare resources along with the best customer support. CONTACT US for more information.


Med Insight LT - Palms Dermatology displayed on a smart phone


What others are saying...

"The game-type set up made the exercise fun."

-- SS, MS2, David Geffen School of Medicine

"I have been exposed to 3 or 4 ECG software programs, and the PALMs software had the cleanest interface, and presents efficient learning based on sound conceptual framework. I think our medicine residents would certainly benefit from it."

-- JW, MD, Chief Resident, Ronald Reagan - UCLA Medical Center

"I found the module to be extremely helpful. It kept me engaged while I was learning the [dermatology] morphologies rather than staring passively at pictures. I wish more of these types of modules could be incorporated into the curriculum."

-- CB, MS2, David Geffen School of Medicine

"This is very cool!"

-- CK, MD, UPenn Health Sciences