Regulation of Bacterial Virulence

Regulation of Bacterial Virulence
2013 © ASM Press
Michael L. Vasil; Andrew J. Darwin
ISBN-13: 978-1-55581-676-6
eISBN-13: 978-1-55581-852-4
Microbiology, Infectious Diseases


A comprehensive compendium of scholarly contributions relating to bacterial virulence gene regulation.

  • • Provides insights into global control and the switch between distinct infectious states (e.g., acute vs. chronic).
  • • Considers key issues about the mechanisms of gene regulation relating to: surface factors, exported toxins and export mechanisms.
  • • Reflects on how the regulation of intracellular lifestyles and the response to stress can ultimately have an impact on the outcome of an infection.
  • • Highlights and examines some emerging regulatory mechanisms of special significance.
  • • Serves as an ideal compendium of valuable topics for students, researchers and faculty with interests in how the mechanisms of gene regulation ultimately affect the outcome of an array of bacterial infectious diseases.

Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"Given the extraordinary breadth and pace of change within the field of bacterial virulence regulation, it would seem a challenge indeed to produce a text that adequately reflects the multitude of virulence strategies and underlying regulatory mechanisms that diverse pathogens employ to colonise and engage with their particular host niche. Yet, commendably, the editors have done just that in this compendium of authoritative and expert reviews. Arranged in six main sections which broadly define temporal stages in the host–pathogen interaction, review chapters nicely blend historical context with up-to-date contemporary detail, providing the reader with a strong appreciation of both progress in a particular area and the key outstanding research questions. Reviews are accessibly written, comprehensively referenced and adequately, but not elaborately illustrated. The extent of themes covered in this book, including regulation of quorum sensing, adherence, colonisation, virulence protein production/secretion and regulatory responses to host molecules should draw attention from anyone with an interest in bacterial pathogenesis and infectious disease, from experienced researcher to student alike. Given its scope, it’s unlikely to be read from cover to cover, but will no doubt be a well-thumbed essential reference for many and a highly recommended addition to any institutional library."

-- Rob Delahay, University of Nottingham - Microbiology Today - August 2013

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