Oxford Handbook of Exercise Psychology, The

Oxford Handbook of Exercise Psychology, The
1st Ed.
2012 © Oxford University Press, Inc.
Edmund O. Acevedo; Peter E. Nathan [Editor-In-Chief]
ISBN-13: 978-0-19-539431-3
Sports Medicine


Awareness of the importance of exercise and physical activity to optimal physical and mental health has never been greater. It is widely acknowledged that physical inactivity is a leading cause of death, yet statistics show less than 50% of Americans participate in regular physical activity. This information highlights the public health challenge of increasing participation in physical activity to enhance physical health and to buoy the psychological benefits associated with physical activity.

The Oxford Handbook of Exercise and Psychology is an authoritative and comprehensive presentation of the breadth and depth of empirical contributions utilizing state-of-the-science theories and approaches in exercise psychology. Chapters are authored by leading investigators across the globe who have made significant scientific contributions addressing the behavioral aspects of physical activity. Sections of the book address the effects of physical activity on mental health; knowledge gathered utilizing psychobiological perspectives; behavioral factors that impact exercise motivation; scientific contributions addressing the physical activity benefits with special populations, including individuals with physical disabilities, older adults and cancer patients; and promising areas for additional investigation. Each chapter presents a summary of scientific advancements in the topic area as a foundation for future investigation.

  • • First comprehensive handbook covering all areas of exercise psychology
  • • Includes chapters on special populations (ill, the elderly, the disabled, etc.) and alternative exercise options
  • • For graduate students, researchers, and advanced undergraduate students interested in exercise motivation and the mental health benefits of physical activity

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"This book is comprehensive in addressing the many areas of exercise psychology. However, each chapter is more of a synopsis of a particular field of study as opposed to an in-depth analysis. Because of this, it provides readers the opportunity to understand what they know and what they want to know moving forward. It is a great contribution to the field, with its current references and expert and authoritative contributing authors."

-- Erik Van Iterson, MS, MBio (University of Minnesota School of Kinesiology)


Fueled by a broad range of disciplines and interdisciplinary approaches, the field of exercise psychology is growing, and this comprehensive handbook will be the perfect resource for students, researchers, and physicians interested in exercise motivation and the mental health benefits of physical activity.

This title is written for readers interested in learning about many of the different facets that comprise the field of exercise psychology. College undergraduates, graduates, or educators in the field all may find this book useful to have in their home library. The authors are leaders in their respective fields.

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