Medical-Surgical Nursing: Clinical Reasoning in Patient Care

Medical-Surgical Nursing: Clinical Reasoning in Patient Care
6th Ed.
2015 © Pearson Education, Inc.
Gerene Bauldoff RN, PhD, FAAN; Karen Burke RN, MS; Paula Gubrud RN, MS, EdD., FAAN; Priscilla LeMone RN, DSN, FAAN
ISBN-10: 0-13-313943-3 / ISBN-13: 978-0-13-313943-3


Medical-Surgical Nursing: Clinical Reasoning in Patient Care, Sixth Edition is appropriate for courses in medical-surgical nursing. It also serves as a helpful reference for practicing nurses.

Improving clinical reasoning; focusing on what a new nurse needs to know

Medical-Surgical Nursing provides readers with all of the practical knowledge and skills they need to care for adult patients—without overwhelming readers with unnecessarily dense writing that is beyond the beginning nurse’s scope of practice. Carefully selected content focuses on the things that new nurses will need to know when they first enter practice: how to promote health, facilitate recovery from illness and injury, and provide support when coping with disability or loss. Throughout the text, the authors focus on individualized holistic nursing care as the essential element in learning and practicing nursing, regardless of the gender, age, race, culture, or socioeconomic background of the patient or practitioner. Readers are given the tools they need to develop their clinical reasoning abilities so that they can make safe and effective decisions on the job. With its understandable language, visual approach, and consistent teaching and learning format, it’s no surprise that readers overwhelmingly report that they truly like reading this text.

Teaching and Learning Experience
To provide a better teaching and learning experience, for both instructors and students, this program will help:

  • • Develop Clinical Reasoning Skills for Today and Tomorrow: Students are encouraged to think creatively and critically about patient care.
  • • Visualize Pathophysiology: A highly-visual presentation of the underlying pathophysiology of disease helps bring the content to life, enhancing students’ understanding and aiding in clinical application.
  • • Focus on Nursing Care: The authors emphasize holistic, individualized care for all patients.

Table of Contents