3rd Ed.
2007 © American College of Physicians
Harvey J. Makadon MD; Howard Libman MD, FACP
1-930513-73-9 / 978-1-930513-73-0


HIV, 3rd Edition focuses on the knowledge and skills primary-care doctors need to prevent and manage this disease in their patients. This fully updated new edition features practical guidance on prevention; managing HIV as a chronic medical condition; and discussions of women, pregnant women, minorities, IV-drug users, and other special populations. HIV, 3rd Edition also details antiretroviral therapy; the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of opportunistic infections; the management of opportunistic cancers; common clinical syndromes and more.

Written by a team of authors with established clinical, teaching, and research expertise, this title updates and clarifies the current state-of-the-art therapy for HIV. New chapters cover global epidemiology, clinical considerations in developing countries, antiretroviral treatment, and barriers to implementing care in resource-limited settings.

Interns, residents, and primary care physicians will find this resource invaluable.

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"It's a pleasure to review this third edition, as I've been anticipating its publication since I reviewed the second edition some years ago. In terms of quality and usefulness, this is the standout book in the field."

-- Mark Goodman, MD (Creighton University Medical Center) Doody's Review


Although written for researchers, teachers, and clinicians, the book is inclusive and comprehensive enough that it will be a valuable tool for students as well.

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