Handbook of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals

Handbook of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals
5th Ed.
2013 © Pearson Education, Inc.
Patricia Czar RN; Toni Hebda RN, MNEd, PhD, MSIS
ISBN 10: 0-13-257495-0 / ISBN 13: 978-0-13-257495-2


Handbook of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals - 5th Ed. (2013), is a complete and up-to-date overview of the key issues related to adoption and use of health information technology and nursing informatics, with detailed practical information to support students and professionals in the field. Intended to address all the concepts, skills, and tasks professionals need to achieve the nation’s healthcare information technology goals, it contains three major sections: General Computer Information, Health Care Information Systems, and Specialty Applications. Major themes of privacy, confidentiality, and information security are woven throughout; project management is introduced in the context of strategic planning, and addressed in many other chapters. This edition contains extensive new coverage throughout, along with eight new chapters addressing issues such as Personal Health Records (PHRs), Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), usability, and consumer education.

Hallmark Features:

Promotes efficient learning and review. Utilizes proven pedagogical features such as chapter objectives, boxes, tables, figures, and concise, bulleted chapter summaries
Gives students online resources for anytime/anywhere learning. Includes companion website with extensive supplementary materials, updated weblinks, and multimedia content.
Links healthcare IT concepts to the realities students will encounter in practice. Presents case studies at the end of each chapter, reinforcing chapter content in the context of real-life applications.
Helps students master all essential healthcare IT terminology, regardless of their background or experience. New terms are defined within each chapter, and a complete glossary is provided that assumes no experience with computers or the Internet
Prepares students to anticipate continuing change in the field of healthcare IT. Future Directions sections forecast how each area of healthcare IT is likely to evolve in the coming years and decades.
Provides resources for further exploration. Lists up-to-date web resources at the end of each chapter.
Serves as a valuable certification study resource. Prior editions have been listed by ANCC as a recommended text to help candidates prepare for the ANCC Informatics Nurse Certification examination.

New To This Edition

Includes extensive new coverage reflecting technological advances, new laws, new uses for healthcare IT, and evolving best practices in the field.

  • • Helps students understand every key healthcare IT issue and trend they are likely to face in the coming years, including emerging issues
    New! Contains eight new chapters reflecting up-to-date contributions from more experts — including chapters on the Professional Use of Electronic Resources; Usability in Health IT; Standardized Terminology and Languages; Personal Health Records (PHRs); Health Information Exchanges (HIEs); Health Policy and Health Information; Consumer Education and Informatics; and Public Health Informatics.
  • • Helps students understand the crucial role of healthcare information technology in any healthcare reform
    Updated! Reflects extensive legislative updates — including new information related to healthcare reform
  • • Prepares students to evaluate, use, and gain more value from the newest technologies; and to anticipate emerging technological trends
    Updated! Reflects the latest technological advances — including Web 2.0 solutions, virtual training, integrated “smart technologies,” and robotics
  • • Prepares students to implement and effectively utilize technology in new healthcare delivery contexts
    New! Covers the relationship of information technology to innovative new structures for delivering healthcare — including magnet hospitals, patient-centered medical homes, and accountable care organizations (ACOs)
  • • Helps students focus limited study time on the most valuable knowledge and skills
    New! Organized for greater clarity and concision — providing shorter chapters and eliminating obsolete content throughout
  • • Enables students to use patient-related IT tools without compromising patient privacy or confidentiality
    Updated! Contains updated coverage of HIPAA — helping students understand their current legal responsibilities concerning patient privacy

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For any course in informatics for nursing, including Introduction to Healthcare/Nursing Informatics; Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning for Information Technology; System Implementation, Evaluation, and Training; Informatics to Support Research and Evidence-Based Practice; Consumer Health Informatics; Electronic Health Records and Personal Health Records; Project Management for Health Information Technology Projects; and Telehealth.

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