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MedCram allows for more understanding in less time. You can't remember everything. MedCram helps you learn and understand what's most important.

  • • 100 million video views and counting
  • • Trusted by students and medical professionals including physicians, nurses, NPs, PAs, RTs and many more

MedCram medical illustrations explain and clarify key concepts without bogging you down with excessive information. They prioritize the most important information for exam preparation and clinical practice. MedCram lecturers Dr. Seheult and Dr. Jacquet are renowned instructors with the experience and skill to take your medical understanding to the next level.

MedCram believes that medical slides over-packed with information should be a thing of the past. Simple medical diagrams and animations lead to better understanding and retention. Memorable illustrations, clinical scenarios and quizzes reinforce key points for lasting knowledge.

How are MedCram Lectures Different?

  • • Easy to follow, clear explanations
  • • Colorful and memorable illustrations
  • • Engaging, knowledgeable instructors
  • • Clinically relevant and practical


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The recurring feedback from MedCram subscribers is that MedCram often produces the best medical lectures online. Whether users are medical students, nurses, physicians, PAs, NPs, respiratory therapists, or other medical professionals – MedCram high yield medical courses can help.

And, if students are studying for a big test like PANCE, NCLEX, NAPLEX, USMLE Step 1, 2 or 3, MedCram courses provide an excellent medical review and an efficient “framework” to fine-tune their preparation.

Product Highlights

Focus on Relevancy
The drawings and analogies used in MedCram videos reinforce key concepts in a concise and practical way.

Simplified Learning
Complex topics are taught clearly so users understand and remember them. Students and practitioners can break free from the memorization cycle!

Better Test Prep
Learn to think like a test-maker! Dr. Seheult has taught for Kaplan Test Prep and will provide the edge users will need for their next exam or boards.

Concise, easy-to-follow video lessons with clear explanations are a breath of fresh air from slides over packed with information.

Memorable illustrations, clinical scenarios and passionate instructors set MedCram apart from other online medical lectures.

Learn from a Board-Certified Physician with extensive experience teaching how to take MCAT, DAT and USMLE for Kaplan test prep.

MedCram prioritizes the most important clinically relevant and practical information for exam preparation and clinical practice.

Thousands of physicians, residents and medical students utilize MedCram to learn and review concepts with lasting clarity. They enjoy an ideal balance of relevant pathophysiology, clinical pearls, CME, and exam prep (USMLE, Boards). A few of the most popular courses for physicians include:

  • • EKG/ECG Interpretation
  • • Urinalysis
  • • Mechanical Ventilation Pearls
  • • Vasopressors
  • • Ultrasound Basics
  • • Antibiotics Review
  • • And 60 other topics

Thousands of Physician Assistants have made MedCram their go-to resource to get clarity on challenging medical topics. Memorable illustrations and quizzes solidify the most important concepts for clinical practice, rotations, and their certification exam (PANCE). A few of the most popular MedCram courses for PAs include:

  • • Cardiology Review
  • • EKG/ECG Interpretation
  • • DKA
  • • Heart Failure
  • • Antibiotics Review
  • • Asthma & COPD

Graduate Nursing

Memorable illustrations and quizzes solidify the most important concepts for clinical practice, rotations, and certification exams (ANCC, AANP and more). A few of the most popular MedCram courses for Nurse Practitioners include:

  • • Cardiology Review
  • • EKG/ECG Interpretation
  • • DKA
  • • Heart Failure
  • • Antibiotics Review
  • • Asthma & COPD

Undergraduate Nursing

Over 10,000 Nurses have used MedCram to take their medical understanding to the next level. Easy-to-follow, clear explanations from engaging instructors result in a lasting understanding of challenging medical topics. A few of the most popular MedCram courses for RNs include:

  • • Shock & Sepsis
  • • Emergency / Critical Care Survival Course
  • • Inhalers (Asthma & COPD)
  • • Pneumonia
  • • Influenza
  • • Acute Abdominal Pain

A wide variety of medical professionals’ benefit from the clarity that MedCram videos provide, including:

  • • Paramedics
  • • Respiratory Therapists
  • • EMTs
  • • Pharmacists
  • • Dentists
  • • Physical Therapists

World-class Instructors

Roger Seheult, MD
MedCram Co-Founder & Instructor

Dr. Seheult is currently an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine and an Assistant Clinical Professor at the School of Medicine and Allied Health at Loma Linda University. Roger is quadruple board-certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases, Critical Care Medicine and Sleep Medicine through the American Board of Internal Medicine. Roger's current practice is in Banning, California where he is a critical care physician, pulmonologist, and sleep physician at Beaver Medical Group. He lectures routinely across the country at conferences and for medical, PA and RT societies.

In addition to being a preceptor for PA and medical students, Dr. Seheult was the Medical Director for the Physician Assistant Sciences Program at Loma Linda University, the Medical Director for a sleep lab, and the Medical Director for the Crafton Hills College Respiratory Care Program. His teaching experience goes back to his college days at the University of California, Riverside where he was a tutor in physics and chemistry, and graduated Magna Cum Laude with majors in Chemistry and Biology. He later honed his skills teaching the MCAT, DAT and USMLE for Kaplan test prep. After graduating from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 2000, he completed a residency in Internal Medicine, a chief residency at the Riverside County Regional Medical Center, and a fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Loma Linda University.

His passion is "demystifying" medical concepts.

Kyle Allred, PA-C
MedCram Co-Founder & Course Producer

Kyle is a Physician Assistant who has practiced in both family medicine and urgent care. He is a National Health Service Corps Scholar and former student of Dr. Seheult at Loma Linda University. Kyle has an extensive background in video editing and medical education and performs the editing and design of MedCram courses and the website. Kyle is passionate about optimizing the delivery and understanding of medical information. He also has a keen interest in wilderness and travel medicine and is an instructor at the National Conferences on Wilderness Medicine.

Joshua Jacquet, MD
MedCram Instructor

Dr. Jacquet is currently the Emergency Ultrasound Director at Cleveland Clinic Akron General in Akron, Ohio. There he oversees the Emergency Ultrasound education for the Emergency Medicine residency program as well as for the 5 Emergency Departments in the Cleveland Clinic Akron General health system. In addition, he is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Northeast Ohio Medical University and participates in Emergency Medicine and Emergency Ultrasound training with medical students. He is also core faculty for the Emergency Medicine residency and participates in the instruction of general Emergency Medicine topics to resident physicians, medical students, NPs, PAs, and nurses through lecture and didactics, simulation, and bedside teaching.

Clinicians and students deserve better medical education! The creators of MedCram have “sat through dense PowerPoint lectures with way too much info crammed into each slide and wondered... are we supposed to read all this and listen to the instructor at the same time? We’ve spent hours studying a new topic — only to get frustrated weeks later when we can’t recall the key ideas. We’ve received “textbook” medical explanations that often lack clinical context and fail to highlight the most important concepts.”

MedCram offers a dramatically more efficient, engaging, fun and lasting way to learn and review medical topics. MedCram was founded in 2012 by Dr. Roger Seheult and one of his former PA students, Kyle Allred, with one word in mind: Clarity.

  • • Clarity of visuals leads to better understanding and retention. One concept at a time, please!
  • • Clarity of relevant physiology helps concepts stick and solidifies the foundation for continued learning.
  • • Clarity of how concepts are applied clinically - with real-world scenarios - provides the crucial bridge from abstract information to practical implementation.

Over 500,000 clinicians and students have utilized MedCram to:

  • • Become a better clinician
  • • Score better on exams
  • • Cut down on study time
  • • Get CME, CE, MOC points (over 40 hours, more coming!)

MedCram = More Clarity in Less Time

MedCram Purchase Options

    All Access Package

  • Package includes all 56 MedCram courses on a wide variety of medical topics
  • EKG/ECG Package

  • 45 digestible and clearly explained videos, printable practice EKGs, and quizzes to reinforce key concepts
  • Ultrasound Package

  • Package includes two comprehensive courses: Ultrasound Principles & Instrumentation and FAST Exam Explained Clearly

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