Handbook of Institutional Pharmacy Practice

Handbook of Institutional Pharmacy Practice
4th Ed.
2006 © American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Inc.
Thomas R. Brown MS, Pharm.D., FASHP
ISBN-10: 1-58528-114-X
ISBN-13: 978-1-58528-114-5


An overview of areas of hospital pharmacy practice, primarily with summaries of system policies and best practice recommendations. Pharmacy information systems, automation in practice, informatics, the electronic medical record, and the prescriber order entry system. The book also highlights hospice and home care, with an introduction to the pharmaceutical industry. Where practitioners may find the book more interesting are in the areas of policy and procedures, including medication safety, informatics, compounding, controlled substances management, and automation in practice, to name just a few of the many topics covered in this comprehensive book.

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"Many books cover in detail topics in the individual chapters of this book, but this handbook does provide an all inclusive resource to get a glimpse of many topics."

-- Patrick McDonnell, PharmD (Temple University School of Pharmacy) Doody's Review


This is written primarily for students, providing as it does a historical context of hospital pharmacy practice and a summary of different areas in day-to-day operations in institutional pharmacy. Although it appears the authors have geared this book to pharmacy students, some practitioners may also enjoy the read.

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