Textbook of Pediatric Care: Tools for Practice

Textbook of Pediatric Care: Tools for Practice
2009 © American Academy of Pediatrics
Thomas K. McInerny MD, FAAP
1-58110-282-8 / 978-1-58110-282-6


This uniquely useful manual includes hands-on practice management and clinical tools to help you save time and deliver comprehensive, coordinated care.

Look here for documentation forms, questionnaires, assessments, algorithms, checklists, charts, data tables, and more--all in one place for quick and easy access.

Use Tools for Practice as...

A superlative one-stop source book--Ready-made solutions span all the core components of pediatric primary care: engaging patients and family; clinical decision support; care coordination in your practice and community; public health advocacy and more.

A valuable companion manual--Put the evidence-based information and expert recommendations for the AAP Textbook of Pediatric Care into practice. You'll have all the most widely used tools cited in the text right at your fingertips.

Dozens of tools streamline practice management and enhance clinical care

  • • Vaccine Administration Record
  • • Documentation forms
  • • History questionnaire
  • • Preoperative assessment
  • • Medication records
  • • Growth charts
  • • Screening worksheets
  • • Normal blood pressure ranges for all children
  • • Developmental screening tools
  • • Behavioral/emotional screening tools
  • • Emergency information forms
  • • Pediatric care plans
  • • Care coordination tools
  • • Chronic condition management tools
  • • Referral forms
  • • Food allergy action plan
  • • Special needs assessments

Condition specific tools:

  •      • Autism
  •      • Asthma
  •      • Cardiovascular screening
  •      • Sleep problems
  •      • Injury prevention
  •      • Violence prevention
  •      • Obesity
  •      • Pain management
  •      • And More!

Companion resource available in STAT!Ref: Textbook of Pediatric Care

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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"This is certainly useful as a quick hands-on documentation tool for the outpatient pediatric practice. Overall, this is a well organized, useful tool for general pediatricians or pediatric trainees."

-- Lois Gesn, MD (Ochsner Health Center - Baton Rouge) Doody's Review


General pediatricians and pediatric residents are the intended audience. Practitioners will find this a useful adjunct for office visit documentation. Residents will find the forms useful reminders for developing competence during their ambulatory rotations in general pediatrics.

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