Pathogens and Toxins in Foods: Challenges and Interventions

Pathogens and Toxins in Foods: Challenges and Interventions
2010 © American Society for Microbiology
John N. Sofos; Vijay K. Juneja
ISBN-13: 978-1-55581-459-5
Biotechnology, Microbiology, Public Health


Pathogens and Toxins in Foods: Challenges and Interventions offers a farm-to-table approach to food safety that enables readers to control microbial pathogens and toxic agents at all stages of the food supply chain. The book begins with chapters that help readers understand the characteristics of specific pathogens and toxins, the illnesses they cause, and the factors such as food processing operations that affect their survival and growth in food products.

Further, the chapters in the book explore the most recent advances in biological, chemical, and physical interventions to control food-borne hazards during preharvest, harvest, food processing, and in retail ready-to-eat foods and food service operations. Also included are chapters that discuss the latest methods to rapidly detect food-borne pathogens as well as the implementation of comprehensive food safety management systems.

Each chapter has been written by one or more leading experts in the field of food safety. Their advice is based on a thorough investigation of the literature as well as their own first-hand experience. In short, by drawing from hundreds of sources, this book offers food safety professionals a unique, single reference containing the latest understanding of food-borne hazards as well as the latest methods to detect and control their incidence.

Key Features:
• Investigates the microbial pathogens and toxic agents that threaten the global food supply
• Covers all stages of the food supply chain from farm to table
• Presents tested and proven intervention strategies to control food-borne hazards
• Offers sound advice based on an analysis of the latest findings from the scientific literature
• Sets the foundation for new approaches to control food-borne hazards and decrease the incidence of food-borne illnesses

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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"This is a well-designed book with information on food contamination that will be valuable to any individuals involved in food production or research on food production."

-- Rebecca Horvat, PhD, D(ABMM) (University of Kansas Medical Center) Doody's Review


This would be appropriate for students studying food processing as well as for industry and research applications. All of the authors have experience in these areas and have brought their expertise to this topic with clarity and enthusiasm.

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