A-to-Z Supplement Reference and Research Digest

A-to-Z Supplement Reference and Research Digest
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Examine.com: Supplement-Goals Reference Guide is now A-to-Z Supplement Reference and Research Digest with a new simplified and streamlined layout!

  • • Your go-to supplement resource
  • • Backed entirely by scientific research
  • • Just the facts, simplified and without the celebrity doctor hype

With little regulatory power in the hands of the FDA since the passing of The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act in 1994, supplement manufacturers do not have to provide proof of efficacy and only a “reasonable expectation of safety.”

Realizing there was no other comprehensive and constantly updated storehouse of organized scientific research on supplementation, we set out to create one. At Examine.com, we’ve brought together a team of independent researchers to make sense of all the conflicting data on supplements.

Examine.com: Research Digest

  • • Keeping you up to date with in depth analysis on the latest studies
  • • Stay up to date on the cutting edge of nutrition research with information you don’t need a PhD to understand
  • • Get honest and objective insight from a team of independent physicians, dietitians, pharmacists, and research experts in the fields of health and nutrition
  • • Make fitness and health decisions based on scientific facts... not hype
  • • Get the straight story on the most important nutrition and supplement research from the past 90 days

A deep dive analysis of the current research in nutrition - with an emphasis on the bigger picture

Pulling out some facts from a bunch of research studies is all well and good but if you can’t apply them to the real world... they don’t hold a lot of value for most of us. Our solution is a monthly resource dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest in nutritional research and designed to make the science understandable. Our goal is to make the research accessible and practical to professionals like you. To do that we:

  • • Take a holistic approach - putting each study into context with the related research that’s been done
  • • Go beyond the headlines to fully understand the entire study and how it relates to the bigger health picture
  • • Provide you with takeaways based on a nuanced assessment of the facts... so you can help your clients and yourself make informed decisions about what you’re putting in your body
  • • Find a balance between writing in a language you can understand and keeping the integrity of the scientific findings

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