Access Device Standards of Practice for Oncology Nursing

Access Device Standards of Practice for Oncology Nursing
1st Ed.
2017 © Oncology Nursing Society
Dawn Camp-Sorrell, RN, MSN, FNP, AOCN®; Laurl Matey, MSN, RN, CHPN
ISBN-13: 978-1-935864-90-5


The use of venous access devices (VADs) is central to the care that nurses provide to patients with cancer. Oncology nurses must base their practice on evidence-based research when available, but a lack of evidence has been a professional challenge for decades. With limited research to guide practice, ongoing controversies remain regarding optimal device management.

Since 1989, the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) has provided guidelines to establish a foundation for access device management. With this new text, ONS has identified practice standards, developed from a synthesis of evidence, critical review, and analysis of aspects of access device management for which nursing is accountable. Access Device Standards of Practice for Oncology Nursing reviews the controversies in access device care, explores the range of devices currently available, details the advantages and disadvantages of each device to ensure optimal selection based on patient needs, and discusses the key legal ramifications concerning access devices and their management.

With access device technology becoming more complex, this text is an essential resource for nurses practicing in a wide range of settings to ensure safe, effective care of patients with VADs.

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"This is a great resource for practicing oncology nurses. It provides a variety of pertinent information that enables oncology nurses to provide best patient care using evidence-based practice. I have yet to review another book on vascular access devices that is specifically written for oncology nurses. I recommend that this guide be on all units that provide care to oncology patients."

-- Lacie Filkins, BSN, RN, CPN (University of New Mexico Hospital)Doody's Review


This book is geared for all nurses who provide care to oncology patients who have any kind of vascular access device. It is written in a manner that allows nurses with experience to easily follow the recommendations with limited questions. The authors are credible authorities and they have recruited many expert sources such as Infusion Nursing Society (INS) and other field reviewers to provide in-depth analysis and feedback.

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