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Drug Interactions from The Medical Letter provides users with an unbiased resource to quickly search and find potentially life-threatening interactions between drugs. Some features of this continuously updated, interactive online database include:

  • • Over 43,000 detailed drug-drug and drug-herb interaction monographs
  • • Significance ratings - all interactions are ranked by seriousness and need for intervention
  • • A detailed discussion of the evidence supporting the potential interaction and an explanation of the mechanism by which the interaction occurs
  • • Detailed recommendations about how best to avoid or manage potential interactions
  • • Information about related drugs - easily find out whether other drugs in the same class, or drugs used for the same indication, would interact in a similar way
  • • References that support the evidence are provided within each monograph

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Product Highlights

The Medical Letter uses a team of pharmacists who create and update drug information. Drug information with monographs are updated no less than every 2 months. If the FDA releases critical information on drugs and their interactions, data will be updated in TDS Health within 48 hours.

Purchase Drug Interactions from The Medical Letter as an unlimited resource or via concurrency access. The product is available on the TDS Health home page via a panel with a search box. Or, you can access this tool via the Resources drop-down above the main search bar on every page. Drug Interactions from The Medical Letter is also cross-searchable with other TDS Health content. Simply use the main search bar and access the "More" tab in results to see results from Drug Interactions from The Medical Letter.

Adverse drug events (ADEs) annually result in:

  • • Approximately 1 in 3 adverse hospital events
  • • 3.5 million physician visits
  • • 125,000 hospital admissions

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