Bacterial Pathogenomics

Bacterial Pathogenomics
2007 © American Society for Microbiology
Mark J. Pallen
ISBN-10: 1-55581-451-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-55581-451-9
Pathology, Genetics, Microbiology, Nursing


This resource details progress in the fast-changing world of bacterial genomics. With chapters from more than forty scientists from around the world, Bacterial Pathogenomics explains the scientific advances that have resulted from the application of bacterial genome sequencing to the study of how bacterial pathogens have evolved and how these bacteria cause disease.

Key Features and Benefits:
• Reviews up-to-date genomic information on selected pathogens
• Summarizes the impact of genomics on overarching themes that cut across taxonomic boundaries
• Addresses a broad range of pathogens affecting mammals, invertebrates, and plants
• Synthesizes the remarkable impact of genomics on the study of bacterial pathogenesis
• Provides an integrated understanding of post-genomic research

Table of Contents

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