Managing Patient Flow in Hospitals: Strategies and Solutions

Managing Patient Flow in Hospitals: Strategies and Solutions
2nd Ed.
2010 © Joint Commission Resources
Eugene Litvak Ph.D.
ISBN-13: 978-1-59940-372-4
Healthcare Administration, Nursing, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement


Managing Patient Flow in Hospitals: Strategies and Solutions, Second Edition provides hospitals with scientifically grounded methods to optimally manage patient flow and serves as an indispensable guide to effective operations management.

Efficient management of patient flow has become an urgent issue for most hospitals. Emergency department crowding, nurse staffing shortages, and patient outcomes, complication rates, and even mortality rates have all been linked to shortages of hospital beds and associated stresses on staff when patient volume peaks. To compound the problem of inefficiencies and variability in patient flow, health care systems now face strenuous economic challenges not previously experienced.

Special Features:

  • • Detailed case studies illustrate how three health care organizations have successfully improved patient flow and eased crowding
  • • Authoritative state-of-the-art tutorials to help you to:
    •  • Understand the problems in patient flow management
    •  • Assess the quantitative impact of patient flow issues on patients and staff
    •  • Assess, measure, and evaluate patient flow
    •  • Use quantitative methods to enhance patient flow
    •  • Apply strategies to manage patient flow
    •  • Manage variability in patient flow to improve efficiency and safety
    •  • Sustain improvements on an ongoing basis

This book will help hospital executives; chief operating officers; chief financial officers; board members; medical officers; physicians, nurses, and other clinicians; quality, process improvement, and productivity managers; emergency department, surgery, critical care, and nursing operations professionals learn how to master the theory and practice of patient flow

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