Esthetics in Dentistry: Volume 2

Esthetics in Dentistry: Volume 2
2nd Ed.
2002 © B.C. Decker Inc.
Ronald E. Goldstein, D.D.S.
ISBN-10: 1-55009-048-8


Esthetics in dentistry is the ultimate challenge for the restorative dentist. A restoration must not only look good, it must also function well and endure the test of time.
This resource is designed to present a differential diagnosis of all possibilities that should be considered for individual teeth, missing teeth, malocclusions, or facial appearance. Each situation is discussed as to its advantages and disadvantages, as well as its indications and limitations. Recommendations for the least invasive, longest lasting, most economical and most patient satisfying are weighed and discussed in detail. Alternatives to treatment are also discussed.

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