ADA Practical Guide to Soft Tissue Oral Disease, The - 2nd Ed. (2018)

ADA Practical Guide to Soft Tissue Oral Disease, The - 2nd Ed. (2018)
2nd Ed.
2018 © WIley-Blackwell
J. Michael Hall, DDS, MABMH; Michael A. Kahn, DDS
ISBN-13: 978-1-119-43733-8


The ADA Practical Guide to Soft Tissue Oral Disease, Second Edition is a fully updated new edition of this popular guide to oral and maxillofacial diseases likely to be encountered in general or specialist dental practices.

  • • Easy-to-use, updated resource with brief synopses for everyday clinical reference
  • • Includes self-testing clinicopathologic exercises to help readers further their skills and gain confidence in their knowledge
  • • Focuses on decision making, from communicating diagnoses to developing and discussing treatment plans
  • • Presents clinically oriented information on the most important aspects of common oral and maxillofacial diseases
  • • Features detailed color illustrations, treatment algorithms, differential diagnosis, and case examples with discussion

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Score: 92/100
4/5 Stars
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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"This book is of good quality and easy to follow. It is well organized and provides a comprehensive approach to soft tissue diseases. It is a useful clinical reference as well as a teaching resource. It is very comparable to other books in the field. This edition contains updated knowledge, references, new diagnostic tools that include salivary tests, imaging, and self-testing exercises. It is a well-illustrated and helpful guide to oral soft tissue disease."

-- Janet Southerland, DDS, MPH, PhD (The University of Texas Medical Branch) Doody's Review


According to the authors, the book is written for general or specialty dental practitioners. It is also appropriate for dental students, residents, and dental educators as a chairside reference guide. The information is well organized and easy to follow and interpret. The book meets the needs of intended audiences. The authors are board-certified oral and maxillofacial pathologists.

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