Ingle's Endodontics

Ingle's Endodontics
7th Ed.
2019 © People's Medical Publishing House-USA
John I. Ingle, DDS; Ilan Rotstein, DDS
ISBN-13: 978-1-60795-192-6


The seventh edition of Ingle’s Endodontics is the most recent revision of the text that has been known as the “Bible of Endodontics” for half a century. It continues the tradition of including an international group of authors, contributing new cutting-edge knowledge and updates on topics that have formed the core of this book for years and also contributing new chapters that reflect the ways in which the field has evolved over the 50 years since its inception.

It will continue to be the standard against which all other endodontic texts will be measured. The main divisions of the book in the new edition are The Science of Endodontics, The Practice of Endodontics, and Interdisciplinary Endodontics.

The 40 chapters are enhanced with color illustrations. New chapters in this edition include:

  • • Periradicular disease
  • • Dental innervations and pain of pulpal origin
  • • Cone beam computed tomography
  • • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • • Preparation for endodontic treatment
  • • Endodontic therapy in teeth with anatomical variations
  • • Achieving long-term success with endodontic therapy
  • • Management of teeth with immature apices
  • • Regenerative endodontics
  • • Intentional replantation of endodontically treated teeth
  • • Endodontic therapy in the elderly patient
  • • Endodontic therapy in the pediatric patient

In addition, many other chapters have been completely updated to reflect the most current concepts and techniques in endodontics. With contributions from the world’s experts in all phases of the specialty, Ingle’s Endodontics, 7th edition, promises to be the indispensable endodontic textbook, an essential part of every endodontist’s library.

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