Diagnosis and Risk Prediction of Dental Caries

Volume 2

Diagnosis and Risk Prediction of Dental Caries
2000 © Quintessence Publishing Co, Inc
Per Axelsson, DDS, PhD
ISBN-10: 0-86715-362-8


The second volume of the series presents readers with current knowledge about the dental caries, in addition to development, diagnosis, and epidemiology. For each topic addressed, the author provides detailed scientific background, a well illustrated guide to implementing state-of-the-art practices, conclusions, and future recommendations.

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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"The author presents current knowledge of caries etiology, host susceptibility, risk factors, caries diagnosis, and epidemiology. Dental caries is an issue rarely discussed in this level of detail, and the author covers the subject comprehensively."

"This book provides a comprehensive discussion of modern methods of diagnosing caries on the individual and population levels. There is a wealth of condensed research data and information for individual practitioners relating to trends in modern dental practice."

-- Robin Hathorn, DDS, MS (University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine)


This book is intended for general dentists. The content may be of most interest to dentists treating high-risk populations, academics, and those interested in dental community health or minimally invasive dentistry. The author has been researching preventive dental services in Sweden for 25 years.

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