Handbook of Polytrauma Care and Rehabilitation

Handbook of Polytrauma Care and Rehabilitation
2014 © Demos Medical Publishing
David X. Cifu MD; Henry L. Lew MD, PhD
ISBN-13: 978-1-936287-55-0
Physical Medicine, Diagnosis


Handbook of Polytrauma Care and Rehabilitation summarizes the most frequent medical and psychological problems encountered by these patients, and offers a roadmap on how to initiate and follow through the continuum of care necessary to achieving positive outcomes. Individual chapters focus on the myriad problems and conditions that polytrauma patients present with, including traumatic injuries (TBI, concussion, SCI, amputation, PTSD, etc.) and other medical and psychological issues such as pain, depression, headache, insomnia, fatigue, alcohol and substance abuse, dizziness, light sensitivity, and work and family issues.

Handbook of Polytrauma Care and Rehabilitation features:

• First handbook focused on "polytrauma"
• Practical, manual featuring real-world care for the common problems seen
• Easy to read text, with tables, flow diagrams and key points
• Authors work directly with the VA, military and academic sectors in the care of these patients

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Score: 82/100
3/5 Stars
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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"This is an effective, practical title that provides succinct and easy-to-read summaries of topics relevant for providing care for people with traumatic brain injury and polytrauma."

-- Elliot Roth, MD (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) Doody's Review


As a practical book with broad topic reviews, rather than a definitive reference with detailed descriptions, this has an important place in the hands of trainees and junior practitioners. It should be easily accessible to allied health, nursing, and medical trainees. It is not a book that should sit on a library shelf or a desk; it should be available to clinicians and their trainees during practice.

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