Neurology Video Textbook

Neurology Video Textbook
2013 © Demos Medical Publishing, LLC
Jonathan Howard MD
ISBN-10: 1-936287-56-0 / ISBN-13: 978-1-9362-8756-7
Neurology, Physical Medicine


Neurology Video Textbook is the first fully electronic neurology text. Users hear patients describe symptoms in their own words and see neurologic pathologies and exam findings demonstrated on screen, enabling them to truly appreciate and recognize classic disease presentations.

Neurology Video Textbook is organized in broad general categories (movement disorders, behavioral neurology, epilepsy, etc.) and is presented as individual cases with audio and video. The cases open with a video demonstrating a relevant clinical finding in neurology. Each case includes: comprehensive description of the problem and patient presentation, key teaching points, neuroradiologic findings, associated pathology and neuroanatomy, and disease management and follow-up. All cases link to thorough descriptive sections that provide clinical and scientific overviews of the major categories of neurologic diseases and disorders.

Features Unique to This Program Include:

• Actual patient videos visually convey the rich and varied spectrum of neurologic disease
• More than 300 video clips containing over 14 hours of clinical patient interviews that visually convey the rich and varied spectrum of neurologic disease
• Over 1,400 sequential 3D CT and MRI scans, and 350 supplemental illustrations and images
• Comprehensive presentation of the signature neurologic diseases and disorders
• A novel teaching and learning tool: Neurology Video Textbook demonstrates rather than describes classic neurologic presentations
• Each case includes discussion of imaging findings, neuroanatomy, key teaching points, and disease management

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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"This is a fantastic addition to clinical neurology training. Its unique format allows trainees to learn from real-life examples of neurological pathology. The video clips are a valuable resource and provide high-yield, clinically-relevant information that cannot be adequately conveyed in a traditional text-only format."

-- Kristin Scott, MD (Mayo Clinic Florida)- Doody's Review


This is intended for medical students and residents in training. While the information is straightforward and easy to understand, the video also is comprehensive and covers the most important topics.

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