Clinical Guide to Nutrition Care in Kidney Disease, A

Clinical Guide to Nutrition Care in Kidney Disease, A
2nd Ed.
2013 © Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Laura Byham-Gray PhD, RD; Jean Stover RD, LDN; Karen Wiesen MS, RD, LD
ISBN-13: 978-0-88091-470-3
Nutrition & Dietetics, Allied Health, Basic Sciences, Nephrology


The 2nd edition of this outstanding resource is a joint project from The Council on Renal Nutrition of the National Kidney Foundation and the Renal Dietitians DPG. Editors: Laura Byham-Gray, PhD, RD; Jean Stover, RD; and Karen Wiesen, MS, RD, published in 2013.

This comprehensive and practical guide covers the spectrum of kidney disease in adults and children, from early-stage CKD to dialysis, transplantation and nutrition support therapies. Thoroughly updated, the research- and evidence-based edition includes expanded information on nocturnal home dialysis, herbal supplements, mineral and bone disorders, and acute kidney injury. It is a great resource for registered dietitians preparing to sit for the Board Certified Specialist in Renal Nutrition (CSR) credentialing examination.

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"The book is clear, detailed, and up to date, and appropriately describes the treatment choices dietitians make while serving patients with chronic kidney disease. This second edition broadens relevant content areas such as nocturnal home hemodialysis, acute kidney injury, HIV and AIDS, medical nutrition therapy reimbursement, and dietary supplements. I will definitely use this updated, evidence-based book."

-- Kathleen Duffy, MS Candidate (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Doody's Review


In addition to experienced renal dietitians, such as the ones who contributed to this book, the audience is quite broad and includes new renal dietitians, clinical dietitians in long-term care, and dietetics faculty and students. The editors chair renal departments at the National Kidney Foundation or the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and capably reach these audiences.

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