Lutz's Nutrition and Diet Therapy

Lutz's Nutrition and Diet Therapy
7th Ed.
2019 © F. A. Davis Company
Erin E. Mazur MSN, RN, FNP-BC; Nancy A. Litch MS, RD
ISBN-10: 0-8036-6814-7
eISBN-10: 0-8036-9469-5
Nutrition & Dietetics, Allied Health, Basic Sciences, Evidence Based Medicine, Nursing, Physician Assistant


An AJN Book of the Year Award Winner!

Meet the ever-changing demands of providing quality nutritional care for patients across the lifespan. This popular text provides a strong foundation in the science of nutrition and a clear understanding of how to apply that knowledge in practice, recognizing the need for nurses to work with other healthcare professionals to ensure optimal nutrition in patient care.

Key Features:

  • • Emphasis on clinical applications.
  • • Nutrient recommendations and food label data, including updated DRIs.
  • • Cautions for unregulated supplements and descriptions of interactions of food, drug, and over-the-counter nutrients.
  • • Life cycle approach that includes screening tools and nutritional interventions for infants, children, adolescents, and mature adults, as well as pregnant and lactating women.
  • • Updated recommendations and food plans for weight control, clients with diabetes, HIV/AIDS, dysphasia, preventing heart disease, and other health concerns.
  • • Useful assessment tools and tables throughout, including Food Handling Guidelines, Labeling Regulations, Research Summaries, and Wellness Tips
  • • Coverage of nutria-genomics and genomics.
  • • “Teamwork” exercises focusing on nutritional documentation from different care providers, including dietitians, physical therapists, and speech therapists.
  • • “Dollars and Sense” feature highlighting which food costs or economic factors influence nutritional care.

New to this Edition: