Textbook of Modern Toxicology, A

Textbook of Modern Toxicology, A
4th Ed.
2010 © John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Ernest Hodgson
ISBN-13: 978-0-470-46206-5
Toxicology, Public Health


A Textbook of Modern Toxicology is a unique resource that provides both students and practitioners with a wide-ranging, accessible overview of the discipline. Suitable for courses in environmental, pharmacological, medical, and veterinary toxicology, this essential text features chapters written by experts who address a range of key topics.

The Fourth Edition includes additional chapters on new approaches to toxicology - molecular methods (-omics: toxicogenomics, proteomics, and metabolomics), bioinformatics, and systems biology – and continues the legacy of its predecessors to provide up-to-date insights into acute toxicity and chemical carcinogenesis, organ toxicity, in vitro and in vivo toxicity testing, ecological risk assessment, and many other areas of toxicology that help foster a solid comprehension of the field.

Also featured in the Fourth Edition are end-of-chapter questions and a Solutions Manual available separately for academic adopters.


  • • Provides a very thorough, concise and up-to-date summary of the most important topics within the toxicology field
  • • Presents the interdisciplinary nature of toxicological studies
  • • Continues from prior editions with coverage of basic concepts in toxicology and adds chapters on molecular methods (-omics: toxicogenomics, proteomics, and metabolomics), bioinformatics, and systems biology
  • • Includes end-of-chapter questions
  • • Online Solutions Manual available for academic adopters
  • • Does not require an extensive background in anatomy and physiology

Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"The book assumes a good knowledge of general toxicology and some knowledge of specialist areas, and would be a useful aid if studying for a higher degree where basic understanding has been."

-- British Toxicology Society, Winter 2010

"I have very much liked the format of previous editions of this book and the proposed new edition has improved and expanded on the past successful editions. I particularly like the addition of the environmental toxicology to the proposed new book...I think that the proposed book is very comprehensive and Dr. Hodgson has done a great job of covering other important areas in the new edition."

-- Michael S. Denison, Department of Environmental Toxicology, University of California - Davis, CA

""It is edited by Dr. Ernest Hodgson, a well known mentor and Biochemical Toxicologist. That is about the best one can get. I know the book will be done well."

-- Harihara M. Mehendale, Department of Toxicology, College of Pharmacy, University of Louisiana at Monroe, LA

"Its level of rigor and sophistication as well as its relatively concise approach set it apart from other books I’ve seen."

-- Jason W Kelsey, Dept. of Chemistry; Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA

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