Lab Advisor™

Lab Advisor™
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IBM Lab Advisor helps clinicians interpret test results and research and select cost-effective tests when multiple appropriate testing options are available. This clinical laboratory database has the added convenience of customization - administrators can attach facility-specific notes directly to the content, which enables the facility to communicate specific instructions within the document to facilitate compliance with policies, procedures, and protocols.

With IBM Lab Advisor, you can:

  • • Link to relevant details on diseases, drugs, and toxicological substances
  • • Monitor drug levels, therapeutic levels, and side effects related to laboratory tests
  • • Check medications known to cause false positive/negative results
  • • Minimize patient discomfort with care recommendations

Why choose IBM Lab Advisor?

  • • Provides details on 600 laboratory tests
  • • Recommends appropriate tests per conditions
  • • Assists with interpreting the results
  • • Offers guidance on collecting samples and administering tests
  • • Details on medications known to cause false negative/positive results


The easy-to-access laboratory test information in Lab Advisor serves all clinicians.

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