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Students, clinicians, residents, and other trainees can't afford to waste time decoding and reorganizing information in a way that makes sense. They need something they can understand in real-time. Through a rigorous creative process, Ditki Medical & Biological Sciences presents science in an instructive format that flows logically, so comprehension comes naturally, and memorization comes easily. Ditki finds the through-line in every topic and are selective in how they consolidate information to save users time and energy.

Other resources boast about their memory hacks – but burden users with big bold imagery or cartoonish reductions that fail to provide a simplified, yet sophisticated roadmap of the material. To boost memory capacity, Ditki uses mnemonics, pictorials, and clinical correlations – but it is their instructive format, an evolution of the classical whiteboard training, that will truly make a difference.

With a team of best-in-class educators: PhDs, MDs, and Masters-level graduates, Ditki has developed all the features needed for success:

  • • Visually lean diagrams
  • • Comprehensive academic notes
  • • Streamlined narrated and animated video tutorials for multimodal learning
  • • Quiz questions, flashcards, and drills for rapid recall
  • • Interactive exercises to leverage kinesthetic learning capabilities
  • • An integration of the basic and clinical sciences to promote long-term retention
  • • Board-style questions to prepare users for licensing exams
  • • And CME opportunities and clinical pearls, to bolster medical practice

12 hand-drawn,colored body-part figures
12 hand-drawn,colored body-part figures, over-layed with Ditki logo

Faculty can easily integrate Ditki into their curricula with seamless LMS integration, downloadable flashcards, QBanks, and robust analytics to track and manage students' progress. Ditki is ADA certified for learners with disabilities.

With comprehensive pricing, Ditki is the most financially affordable resource of its kind. But don't take our word for it -- review the testimonials of the 100,000+ learners who have used us across the globe. Try Ditki out today. They're medical science mastery, simplified.

Product Highlights

Subject-Based (Medical/Graduate)
Cell Biology
Gross Anatomy
Immunology / Microbiology
Systems-Based (Medical/Graduate)
Cardiovascular System
Endocrine System
Gastrointestinal System
Hematologic / Immunologic System
Musculoskeletal / Integumentary System
Neurological System
Renal System
Reproductive System
Respiratory System
Foundational (Undergraduate)
AP Biology
Anatomy & Physiology Fundamentals
Anatomy & Physiology
Biochemistry Fundamentals
Embryology Fundamentals
General Biology
Histology Fundamentals
Neuroscience Fundamentals
MCAT Preparation
MCAT Biology & Biochemistry
USMLE/COMLEX Preparation
Training Programs
Neurology Residency (RITE Exam)
Nurse Practitioner (NP) / Physician Assistant (PA)
Nursing (RN)
CME/CEU Credits
Neurology - ABPN MOC

Downloadable Flashcards

Download high quality, accurate scientific images, which help the students draw a connection between their illustrations and the "real thing," so the information comes to life! All of the images on the Ditki site are available for faculty to download into their notes, lectures, and in-class exercises.

Institutional Analytics

Class time is short and the Ditki analytics help faculty make the most of it! Track students' tutorial usage, drawing sessions, quiz results, and flashcard views, so faculty can focus on the areas where they struggle the most. With the Ditki Study Plan creator, faculty can assign a list of tutorials (via Blackboard, D2L, or any learning management software) for their students to complete before class.

DITKI Classroom

Faculty can create their own diagrams, tutorials, and assessments with the Ditki Classroom! Modify images, or faculty can upload their own to create custom content that fits their personal course curriculum. Record and share presentations with students, or present live to a remote or in-person class. Educators can keep students engaged by creating their own drawing, labeling, or other types of assessments, or use the pre-made Tutorial Exercises. For the ultimate active learning, let students peer-review each other’s work! And, like everything on the site, users can easily share their DITKI Classroom work with students via links in an LMS.

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