Medical Science Mastery, Simplified


Through a rigorous creative process, Ditki Medical & Biological Sciences presents science in an instructive format that flows logically, so comprehension comes naturally, and memorization comes easily. The Ditki multimodal learning tools and student-focused approach meet diverse learner needs, so students learn difficult concepts faster and retain information longer.

Key Features:

  • • Concise, clear tutorials that use a step-wise approach to make medical science easier to learn and remember
  • • Interactive exercises, drills, quizzes, and downloadable flashcards
  • • 1,000+ board review questions for USMLE, COMLEX, NP/A Exams, and more!
  • • Administrator and instructor tools to guide and assess student learning
  • • Seamless LMS integration
  • • CME opportunities and clinical pearls, to bolster medical practice
  • • ADA compliant

12 hand-drawn,colored body-part figures
12 hand-drawn,colored body-part figures, over-layed with Ditki logo

For lifelong learners, Ditki is used in both clinical and educational settings. Offering a customizable collection of systems-based, subject-based, foundational, and specialty courses, Ditki supports most program curricula. Users are in MD/DO schools, GME programs including neurology residency programs, physician assistant programs, nursing (RN) schools, nurse practitioner programs, and a variety of allied health programs. It is also used for MCAT, USMLE Step 1, 2 and 3 and COMLEX Step 1, 2 and 3 preparation. Practicing physicians utilize Ditki for CME and professional development.

Who is Ditki
Ditki, medical & biological sciences (formerly Draw it to Know it) was created by Dr. Adam Fisch, a practicing neurologist who developed the Ditki approach as a resident as a way to master vast amounts of medical science.

Product Highlights

Subject-Based (Medical/Graduate)
Cell Biology
Gross Anatomy
Immunology / Microbiology
Systems-Based (Medical/Graduate)
Cardiovascular System
Endocrine System
Gastrointestinal System
Hematologic / Immunologic System
Musculoskeletal / Integumentary System
Neurological System
Renal System
Reproductive System
Respiratory System
Foundational (Undergraduate)
AP Biology
Anatomy & Physiology Fundamentals
Anatomy & Physiology
Biochemistry Fundamentals
Embryology Fundamentals
General Biology
Histology Fundamentals
Neuroscience Fundamentals
MCAT Preparation
MCAT Biology & Biochemistry
USMLE/COMLEX Preparation
Training Programs
Neurology Residency (RITE Exam)
Nurse Practitioner (NP) / Physician Assistant (PA)
Nursing (RN)
CME/CEU Credits
Neurology - ABPN MOC

Concise Tutorials with Clear Diagrams – Medical Science, Simplified
Animated, narrated tutorials that use a step-wise approach to make complicated concepts easier to learn. Each “whiteboard style” tutorial starts from a blank page and builds to a complete diagram as the narrator and visuals layer in information in a way that students can easily understand. When students use Ditki tutorials, their study time is more efficient and more effective, with longer memory retention, compared to reading alone.

Interactive Activities – Engaged Students Learn Easier
Quizzes, exercises, labeling activities, clinical drills, board-style questions, and an interactive drawing pad engage students in a multitude of ways and allow them to make use of multimodal learning – visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. There’s truly something for every type of learner. Ditki is ADA-compliant, too!

Atlases, Directories, & Flashcard Glossaries – Go Further
Abdominal CT Atlas, Muscle-Nerve Directory, Brain Atlas, and countless Clinical Correlations make Ditki the all-in-one resource that students need to go further in their education.

Administrative Tools – Guide and Assess Students
Ditki is perfect for the flipped, virtual, or interactive classroom. Instructors can assign tutorials and other activities for students to complete out of class or in-class, and then track their progress with Ditki Institutional Analytics.

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