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Teton Data Systems, a privately held company based in Jackson, Wyoming, was founded by Dr. Richard Sugden in 1987 to make healthcare reference material available electronically. For more than two decades, the company has continued to provide healthcare professionals with innovative, electronic information products and services.

Our Products

  • STAT!Ref® Online
    The premier healthcare e–source
  • STAT!Ref® Mobile
  • STAT!Ref® Mobile Offline
  • STAT!Ref® Viewer
  • STAT!Ref® Intranet
  • Anatomy.tv
  • BoardVitals™
  • Docphin
  • Draw it to Know it
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Latest News

  • TDS Announces 3 new Products:
    BoardVitals™ - The Medical Specialty Question Banks More   »

    Docphin - The best way to keep up with medical research More   »

    Draw it to Know it - Neuroanatomy
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  • STAT!Ref Core Collection's  - 
    Check out the many disciplines we have to offer.
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  • New Mobile Apps are here!  - 
    STAT!Ref is excited to announce that we now have apps for smartphones. including apps for iPhone, iPad, Android™ and BlackBerry.
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  • Primal's Anatomy.tv   - 
    STAT!Ref is the only healthcare database that can cross-search Primal's Anatomy.tv.
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Our Mission Statement

Teton Data Systems is committed to deliver reliable and current medical, nursing, dental, pharmacology and scientific information through innovative technologies.

Teton Data Systems


TDS is a proud sponser of - Project America Run
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