5th Ed.
2012 © John Wiley & Sons Canada Ltd
Brian L. Strom, MD, MPH; Sean Hennessy, PHARMD, PHD; Stephen E. Kimmel, MD, MSCE
ISBN-10: 0-470-65475-9 / ISBN-13: 978-0-470-65475-0
Pharmacy/Pharmacology, Epidemiology


Now in its fifth edition, Pharmacoepidemiology defines the discipline and provides the most comprehensive guidance of any book on the topic. Written by world renowned experts in the field, this valuable text surveys the research designs and sources of data available for pharmacoepidemiologic research, and provides descriptions of various automated data systems, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Incorporating perspectives from academia, industry and regulatory agencies, this book provides detailed insights into all aspects of pharmacoepidemiology.

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"This is well written and well researched. The editor, Dr. Brian L. Strom, is a national figure in medicine and the chapter authors are respected professionals in the fields they represent. The book also has the added feature of a seven-page glossary of terms, and a large 23-page index of authors and topics."

-- Ross Mullner, PhD, MPH (University of Illinois at Chicago) Doody's Review - previous edition


The audience for this book includes physicians as well as graduate students in pharmacy, nursing, and public health.

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