Manual for Pharmacy Technicians with Wookbook

Manual for Pharmacy Technicians

Manual for Pharmacy Technicians with Wookbook
2011 © American Society of Health-System Pharmacists®
Mary McHugh (Workbook)
Bonnie S. Bachenheimer, PharmD
ISBN-10: 1-58528-207-3 / ISBN-10: 1-58528-257-X / ISBN-13: 978-1-58528-207-4 / ISBN-13: 978-1-58528-257-9
eISBN-13: 978-1-58528-271-5


The trusted training resource for pharmacy technicians at all levels.

The role of pharmacy technicians is rapidly expanding, and demand for well-trained technicians has never been higher! Technicians are assuming more responsibilities and are taking on greater leadership roles. Quality training material is increasingly important for new technicians entering the field, and current technicians looking to advance.

Look no further than the new 4th edition of the best-selling Manual for Pharmacy Technicians to master the practical skills and gain the foundational knowledge all technicians need to be successful.

NEW chapters cover the latest essentials:

  • • Specialty Pharmacy Practice
  • • Communication and Teamwork
  • • Billing and Reimbursement
  • • Durable and Nondurable Medical Equipment, Devices, and Supplies

  • • Full color design, photos and illustrations enhance learning
  • • Rx for Success boxes share tips to help techs excel on the job
  • • Technology Topics highlight the latest in automation & technical areas
  • • Safety First features provide critical advice for enhancing safety & reducing errors
  • • Bolded key terms defined in chapter-level glossaries
  • • Streamlined contents divide book into 4 simple parts: introduction to pharmacy practice, foundation knowledge and skills, practice basics, and business applications
  • • Expanded self-assessment questions and calculations content

This brand new companion workbook contains additional exercises & assessment activities for every chapter of the Manual for PharmacyTechnicians, 4th Edition.

It incorporates a wide range of questions & activities, such as: multiple choice, short answer/fill in the blank, matching terms, crossword, true or false, cryptograms, puzzles, and research questions.

This resource includes more than 700 exercises and can be used by individual students & practitioners for self assessment in conjunction with the Manual, or used in class by instructors for exercises and activities.

Alone or with the new edition of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Review and Practice Exam, the Manual for Pharmacy Technicians, 4th Edition offers pharmacy technicians the most relevant, authoritative, easy-to-use guide in the field. Want more exercises and practice? Look for the NEW Workbook for the Manual for Pharmacy Technicians.

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