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TDS Health Platform Overview

TDS Health has built a next-generation platform combining the STAT!Ref database along with Teton Data Systems value-added resources along with our world-class partner products. The TDS Health platform brings together all of our exceptional resources, including the STAT!Ref Library, EBMcalc, Evidence Alerts, Drug Interactions from The Medical Letter, Drug Shortages, and much more.

Providing an enhanced and more personalized user experience, you have access to premium content along with an ever-increasing number of STAT!Ref titles while also incorporating many new features, tools, healthcare education products, and references along with dynamic content such as videos, courses, and imagery into a cohesive portfolio of resources in one powerful platform. Our mission is to provide the most relevant and current products, learning tools, resources, and healthcare solutions on the market.

The TDS Health platform serves as a powerful new way to access and interact with the rich database of healthcare reference materials and products. We’ve specifically designed the new platform to provide:

  • Faster time-to-insight: The new interface and search experience are designed to provide fast access to content and decreased time-to-answer for critical questions and key concepts.
  • Enhanced search and resource discoverability: The powerful TDS Health search experience provides fast, customizable access across our full collection of STAT!Ref titles, videos, imagery, and many of our partner and affiliate products. Additionally, you can filter the search across a custom set of titles, disciplines, media types, and sources.
  • More advanced personalization and customization: Through a customizable “Profile” account, you can save titles and searches, add favorites, create annotations, set preferences, and customize the homepage. Additionally, you can set up to receive current and newsworthy healthcare Alerts featuring Essential Evidence Plus™ Daily POEM along with Articles and Alerts from STAT!Ref in conjunction with McMaster Plus. You can even enable your Profile account as an “Anywhere Login Account”.
  • Single Sign On access: Sign in with your “Anywhere Login Account” for direct access to the TDS Health platform from any modern browser and internet connection.
  • Mobile access: Log in with your “Anywhere Login Account” on our free mobile app for access to STAT!Ref titles, and enabled 3rd party products.

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TDS Health Platform Home Page
TDS Health Platform Home Screen

Through our partnerships and our flagship product STAT!Ref, TDS Health brings you comprehensive healthcare literature combined with innovative, leading-edge references including but not limited to, Medical; Nursing; Dentistry; Mental Health and Pharmacology for daily practice, research, and educational learning purposes. Product partners include BoardVitals, Ditki, MedCram, Primal Pictures, Protocol Builder, Sentinel U, and Wiley Visual Library, with more great products and resources to come.

TDS Health Profile

TDS Health Profile

We have a simple easy-to-follow toolbar to guide you to what you are looking for. The toolbar is available from every page and stays with you as you move down the page.

TDS Health Toolbar

TDS Health Toolbar-resources

  • Resources: An at-a-glance menu shows you what you have access to, and any resource can be accessed directly from the menu. Common resources are alerts, the default dictionary, EBMcalc, specialty content, linked products, and much more.
  • Titles: This link will take you directly to the STAT!Ref Library A to Z list complete with title covers and access.
  • Profile: Click to register or to log in for extra benefits.
  • Help: Go here for help and tips on using and navigating the platform.
  • Tools Menu: Here you can create links through the Link Wizard, log in with an Admin account, and Link to Location.
  • Home Page: To get back to the home page from anywhere, just click the TDS Health logo.
  • Log Out: Be sure to click this button when you are ready to leave.

TDS Health is known for having world-class services and support. Please review the TDS Health Quick Guide, visit the Help page, for support and contact information, or reach out to our team should you have any additional questions.