Detailed Drug Information for the Consumer™

Detailed Drug Information for the Consumer™
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Patient Information, Point of Care


Easy-to-understand, in-depth materials to help educate your patients about medications and their proper use.

Today's patients are informed patients. Now you can give them an educational resource to match their proactive role in their care. Detailed Drug Information for the Consumer™ - Drug Information in Lay Language provides patient-oriented drug information to help patients understand and successfully follow their drug regimens. Written at a 12th-grade literacy level, documents provide greater detail than most patient education leaflets and include brand names, descriptions, proper use, precautions, and side effects. Instructions for how to handle missed doses are included, as are guidelines for when to seek medical assistance or supervision.


  • • Offers the most comprehensive patient education information available, providing greater detail than typical pharmacy leaflets
  • • Provides detailed drug information to help reinforce treatment instructions and patient understanding
  • • Expedites retrieval of information with easy-to-search indices

Intended Users

  • • Retail and hospital pharmacists
  • • Physicians and nurses
  • • Health plan administrators
  • • Patient education program coordinators
  • • Pharmacy and medical school students and libraries

Provides summary information on:

  • • Pronunciation
  • Black Box WARNING
  • • Commonly Used Brand Name(s)
  • • Available Dosage Forms
  • • Class
  • • Uses For This Medicine
  • • Precautions While Using This Medicine
  • • Side Effects of This Medicine
  • • Before Using This Medicine
          o Allergies
          o Pediatric
          o Geriatric
          o Pregnancy Category
          o Breast Feeding
          o Drug Interactions
          o Other Interactions
          o Other Medical Problems
  • • Proper Use of This Medicine
          o Dosing
          o Missed Dose
          o Storage

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