Motivational Interviewing for Health Care Professionals: A Sensible Approach

Motivational Interviewing for Health Care Professionals: A Sensible Approach
2013 © American Pharmacists Association
Bruce A. Berger; William A. Villaume
ISBN-10: 1-58212-180-X / ISBN-13: 978-1-58212-180-2
Health Education, Pharmacy/Pharmacology


This title describes how Motivational Interviewing replaces everyday persuasive strategies and language habits that trigger resistance in patients, and how this can be overcome through building rapport with the patient and listening to the patient’s reasoning and concerns.

Motivational interviewing has been shown to improve treatment adherence and outcomes, promote health behavior change, improve patient satisfaction with care, and increase retention rates in complex case management.

Motivational Interviewing for Health Care Professionals: A Sensible Approach presents a new way of teaching the theory and practice of motivational interviewing to health care professionals. The book illustrates how motivational interviewing effectively replaces everyday persuasive strategies and language habits that trigger resistance in patients. It addresses those aspects of motivational interviewing that typically pose problems for health care professionals such as how to share medical expertise while at the same time empowering the patient by maintaining his or her autonomy in the decision-making process. Using motivational interviewing skills will enable health care professionals to communicate with patients in a clear, concise, and structured way. Health care professionals in all practice settings will have a greater impact on improving patient outcomes by using the tools and skills in this book.

Key Features:
• New theoretical description of motivational interviewing developed specifically for health care professionals
• Practical, step-by-step approach to motivational interviewing
• Over 35 health care professional/patient dialogues demonstrate motivational interviewing skills
• Three case studies including comprehensive dialogues and analyses demonstrate effectiveness of motivational interviewing in health care
• Links to videos of the case studies

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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"This can serve as a useful reference and should be reviewed by any healthcare professional whose interactions with patients involve changing patient behavior or patients making decisions related to their healthcare."

--Christina Rose, PharmD (Temple University Hospital) - Doodys Review

"A key strength of the book lies in one of the final chapters, where the authors guide the reader through several cases. For each case, a full conversation between a health professional and patient is presented, with and without the use of MI. There is a clear discrepancy between the two styles of communication, and the reader can recall how the concepts of MI relate to each situation. The authors also provide an analysis of each case to reinforce and clarify important points. To emphasize the message further, a link and QR code allow the reader to view brief videos for each case. Watching these interactions drives home the benefits of using MI and helps the reader better understand how to apply these principles in practice. The book is eye-opening for health professionals who may not be familiar with MI, and it introduces a new way to communicate effectively with patients. Readers can use the tools and real-world examples to immediately begin implementing MI in their practice."

--Pharmacy Today, March 2014


This title is clearly written for healthcare professionals and it can be used by nurses, physicians, pharmacists, physical therapists, etc. The authors are experts in communication and psychology and one is a pharmacy clinician and educator.

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