A 1st Book on ECGs

A 1st Book on ECGs
2014 © KG/EKG Press
Ken Grauer; Ken Grauer, MD
ISBN-13: 978-1-930553-36-1
eISBN-13: 978-1-930553-37-8
Cardiology, Basic Sciences, Nursing, Primary Care


So you’ve not seen an ECG before? — OR — Perhaps you’ve had no more than brief exposure to ECG and/or Rhythm interpretation? Then this book is for you!

  • • I assume NO prior knowledge in ECG interpretation.
  • • It is fine if you’ve never even seen an ECG before.
  • • It is fine if you are not in a medical profession — but simply wish “to know more”. Since this title is written for beginning medical providers (as well as medical providers with minimal prior exposure to ECG interpretation) — you are not at a disadvantage even if you are not in the medical profession. A detailed GLOSSARY of ECG-Related Terms (Section 00.6) — should allow you to follow my discussion from the very 1st page of this title.

Those of you who have had brief exposure to ECG interpretation can rapidly progress through the early parts of this title. My GOAL — is to review the BASICS in this “1st Book on ECG Interpretation” — such that any provider can attain a basic understanding of: i) What an ECG is; ii) How medical providers use 12-lead ECGs and rhythm strips clinically for patient care; and iii) How YOU can begin to interpret ECGs on your own

  • NOTE: This title is just the 1st Step in the process. That may be enough to provide the insight sought for those who “just want to know”. For students and medical providers — it will take additional time and experience to attain a sufficient level of proficiency for your clinical area of practice. That said — this title will get you started!
  • • IF you faithfully work through the contents of this title — You will be recognizing and interpreting the basic ECG findings in most tracings you encounter by the end of this title. You will also be ready to take that “next” Step in your ECG educational experience.

NOTE: This version of “A 1st Book on ECGs” contains significantly more material than our hard copy book version by the same name. Because we were not limited by space constraints of a “book” — We significantly expanded many of our explanations and interpretations — as well as including a detailed Addendum discussing the basics of Bundle Branch Block and WPW.

  • • As a result — the content level of this version extends from the beginner — up to and including the intermediate ECG interpreter. We hope you enjoy this title!

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