Decker: Critical Care of the Surgical Patient

Decker: Critical Care of the Surgical Patient
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David A Spain, MD, FACS; Andrew J Patterson, MD, PhD
Critical Care


Welcome to Decker: Critical Care of the Surgical Patient!

Decker: Critical Care of the Surgical Patient is a combined effort between the Surgical Critical Care Program Directors Society (SCCPDS) and the Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists (SOCCA) to develop a continuously updated learning resource for trainees caring for surgical patients, regardless of their primary specialty training.

• 20 sections each with three to 15 modules based on ACGME defined curriculum for fellows in both surgical and anesthesia critical care training.
• A valuable learning resource for fellows, physicians or advanced practice providers in surgery, anesthesia, emergency medicine or internal medicine caring for surgical patients.
• Our co-editors are Fred Luchette, MD (Loyola, SCCPDS past president), Sam Tisherman, MD (Maryland, SCCPDS president-elect) and Andrew Patterson, MD, PhD (Nebraska Vice Chair for Research).
• We have also enlisted Kelly Austin, MD (Pittsburgh) as editor for pediatric surgical critical care.

Recent Additions/Updates:
• Sepsis
• The Impaired Surgeon
• Initial Management of Life-Threatening Trauma
• Mechanical Ventilation: Advanced Ventilation and Adjuncts
• Mechanical Ventilation: Approaches and Special Considerations
• Mechanical Ventilation: Respiratory Physiology and Conventional Ventilation
• Surgical Palliative Care
• Trauma to the Thoracic Aorta
• Brain Failure and Brain Death
• Cerebral Metabolism and Blood Flow Following Traumatic Brain Injury

Decker: Critical Care of the Surgical Patient was developed to provide comprehensive and up-to-date medical information. This resource is available online, and is continually updated.

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