Cancer Immunotherapy Principles and Practice

Cancer Immunotherapy Principles and Practice
2nd Ed.
2022 © Demos Medical Publishing
Lisa H. Butterfield, PhD; Howard L. Kaufman, MD, FACS; Francesco M. Marincola, MD, FACS
ISBN-13: 978-0-8261-3742-5
eISBN-13: 978-0-8261-3743-2
Oncology, Immunology


Thoroughly updated to reflect major advances in the field of immuno-oncology, this second edition of Cancer Immunotherapy Principles and Practice, from the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC), remains the definitive resource for information on tumor immunology and cancer immunotherapy treatments. An essential reference for both novice and experienced cancer researchers, oncologists, and related practitioners alike, the book not only guides readers through the fundamental scientific principles of the field all the way to translational and practical clinical applications for treating and managing oncologic disease, but also provides a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory processes that support the safe and effective delivery of immunotherapy to patients with cancer.

The expanded and updated second edition now spans 68 chapters, including 12 new chapters, covering major topics and innovations that have shaped the rapid development of immunotherapy and its ascension into the standard of care as first-line treatment for a growing number of disease settings. New to this edition are chapters with deeper insight into our understanding of cancer genomics and determinants of response, immunogenic cell death, cancer and stromal cell-intrinsic pathways of immune resistance, cancer immune exclusion, adoptive cell therapy, metabolomics, tumor mutation burden, immunotherapy in combination with radiation therapy, synthetic biology, and more. Complete with detailed illustrations, tables, and key points for targeted reference, Cancer Immunotherapy Principles and Practice, Second Edition is the most comprehensive and authoritative resource for scientists and clinicians looking to expand their knowledge base of this dynamic field.


  • • Offers key insights and perspectives on cancer immunology and immunotherapy treatments from renowned experts in the field
  • • Covers the basic principles and science behind cancer immunotherapy and tumor immunology
  • • Includes treatment strategies for a vast array of available immunotherapy classes and agents, such as cytokine therapies, oncolytic viruses, cancer vaccines, CAR T therapies, and combination immunotherapies
  • • Provides essential information on FDA-approved immunotherapies, including clinical management and outcome data related to response rates, risks, and toxicities
  • • Discusses special considerations for immunotherapy in the context of specific disease settings, including skin cancers, genitourinary cancers, gastrointestinal cancers, hepatocellular carcinomas, gynecologic malignancies, breast cancers, lung cancers, head and neck cancers, brain tumors, sarcomas, pediatric cancers, and treatments combined with radiation therapy
  • • Clarifies the complex regulatory aspects behind the development and approval of immunotherapy drugs

Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"Given the important and exciting advances in cancer immunotherapy, it is not surprising that there is no dearth of books on the subject. Despite the competition, however, this book is a unique masterpiece and a must-have comprehensive resource for anyone interested in this area and for every medical library."

-- Ravi Salgia, MD, PhD (City of Hope) Doody's Review - previous edition


This book provides cutting-edge insights for every translational investigator and practicing clinician who yearns to learn and understand cancer immunology. It is also intended for a wider audience that includes cancer biologists, immunologists, and scientists interested in developing new immunotherapies for cancer. Those involved in healthcare management and regulatory affairs of these new types of therapies also may find this book a great resource.

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