Decker: Anesthesiology

Decker: Anesthesiology
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Bistra G Vlassakova, MD
Anesthesiology, Pharmacy/Pharmacology


Welcome to Anesthesiology

DeckerMed Anesthesiology is a comprehensive, continuously-updated online resource teaching principles and practice for trainees and educators.

Decker and the Anesthesiology Editorial Board recruited an expert team of clinicians and educators to author reviews focusing on core principles and EBM practice. Anesthesiology also incorporates the latest guidelines for standard of care. Added to this are educational objectives for continuous learning of medical knowledge.

Anesthesiology is graphically rich, and is accompanied by ready-to-use Teaching Slide Library™ for didactics and teaching moments.

More than a website, trainees, educators, and practitioners will use Anesthesiology as an app on their devices for reading, testing, and at point-of-care.

DeckerMed Anesthesiology is the ultimate e-learning resource that has thoughtful tools you needed to succeed in passing boards or stay abreast in practice.

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