AHFS Patient Medication Information

AHFS Patient Medication Information
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AHFS Patient Medication Information (PMI), is the trusted, independent resource that is the backbone of the consumer drug information of many popular websites. It is the core medication information in the National Library of Medicine’s (NLM’s) publicly accessible Medline Plus website and in its Medline Plus Connect service and is the featured patient medication link from DailyMed and from the Consumer portion of FDA’s website. AHFS PMI is a recognized standard for patient drug information.

More about AHFS PMI:

  • • The AHFS PMI database became the first private sector publication developed for educating consumers and patients about their drugs; first published in 1978
  • • Published by ASHP, long recognized as an authority on educating patients about drug use and safety, and a founding member of the National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE)
  • • The AHFS PMI database is a Top Ten Award Winner in the Department of Health and Human Services National Consumer Education Materials Contest

Having any one or more of these American Society of Health-System Pharmacists titles, qualifies you for AHFS Patient Medication Information as a free STAT!Ref value-added resource:

  • • AHFS Drug Information
  • • ASHP Injectable Drug Information
  • • Compounding Sterile Preparations
  • • Essential Evidence Plus & AHFS DI Essentials
  • • Extended Stability for Parenteral Drugs
  • • Merck Manual Professional Version & AHFS DI Essentials
  • • Teddy Bear Book: Pediatric Injectable Drugs

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