A Video Atlas of Neuromuscular Disorders

A Video Atlas of Neuromuscular Disorders
2nd Ed.
2018 © Oxford University Press
Aziz Shaibani, MD, FACP, FAAN, FANA
ISBN-13: 978-0-19-066130-4
eISBN-13: 978-0-19-066132-8
Neurology, Video


Praise for the First Edition: Winner of the 2015 PROSE Award in Clinical Medicine Practice, and the 2015 BMA Medical Book of the Year (Neurology Category) Award Winner

The second edition of A Video Atlas of Neuromuscular Disorders includes more than 300 video cases. The videos and corresponding text illustrate a variety of adult neurological disorders and their diagnosis and treatment.

Written with the busy Fellow, Resident, and practicing clinician in mind, the work utilizes real clinic videos as the key teaching mechanism so that the reader can focus on the intellectual challenges of each case instead of attempting to build a mental picture based on one-dimensional figures. All videos are supplemented with challenging multiple-choice questions to provide an excellent way for the readers to interact and engage with the material they are studying.

This essential atlas has become an invaluable resource for neurology and neuromuscular training programs and is the perfect resource for preparing for the neurology and neuromuscular boards. It also caters to the too-busy and often-overwhelmed modern doctor by allowing the reader to absorb the key features and intricacies of each case in a very focused manner.

This award-winning text follows the same formatting as the first edition: each chapter is organized by symptom rather than disease. Every case in each chapter includes a video to start, a description of the case, multiple choice questions about what the diagnosis may be, the diagnosis, and key references to follow.

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"This is useful for residents and medical students who are interested in, or practice, neurology. It highlights common physical exam findings that are associated with neuromuscular disorders and is a great introductory resource for the field. The second edition is warranted as there are many more exam findings that can be covered. This book should be available to all neurology programs."

-- Aniket Natekar, MD (Thomas Jefferson University) Doody's Review


The intended audience is neurology practitioners, particularly those in residency and/or medical school. Rather than focusing on very rare conditions, the book covers the most common physical exam findings and demonstrates how they relate to specific neuromuscular disorders. The book helpfully summarizes key exam findings and how they relate to medical conditions. The book is appropriately written for this audience with the answers providing detailed explanations of thought processes for diagnosing the various conditions. The author is a well-respected expert in neuromuscular neurology who has worked in the field for many years, and his knowledge base is demonstrated in this book.

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