Mayo Clinic Essential Neurology

Mayo Clinic Essential Neurology
2nd Ed.
2018 © Oxford University Press
Andrea C. Adams, MD
ISBN-13: 978-0-19-020689-5
eISBN-13: 978-0-19-020690-1
Neurology, Internal Medicine


Mayo Clinic Essential Neurology, Second Edition has been updated and designed with the busy medical student, resident, and clinician in mind. This rapidly changing specialty has more therapeutic options available to treat neurologic disease than ever before. The text, tables, and illustrations are enhanced with online videos, all designed to provide quick and concise information on common neurologic disorders.

The book addresses three main areas in fourteen user-friendly chapters: the neurologic examination and diagnostic testing, common neurologic symptoms, and common neurologic diseases. Each chapter is highly illustrated with figures and tables and is accompanied with audio samples portraying dysarthria’s and videos showing gait, movement disorder, fasciculation, and other neurologic phenomena.


  • • Provide clinicians the necessary neurologic information for the diagnosis and management of common neurologic problems
  • • The book addresses three main areas: the neurologic examination and diagnostic testing, common neurologic symptoms, and common neurologic diseases
  • • Illustrated with many tables, figures, videos, and audio samples to provide quick and concise examples of neurologic conditions

New to this Edition:

  • • Accompanied by videos showing common gait and movement disorders and audio files of dysarthria’s
  • • Summary tables for better comprehension and understanding

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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"I would highly recommend this book to any clinician who deals with patients with neurological problems and is looking for a place to start. The book is excellent and a must for every neurology beginner's bookshelf."

-- Sridhar Yaddanapudi, MD (Thomas Jefferson University) Doody's Review


The audience is beginners in neurology such as students, residents, and clinicians at the start of their careers. As a tertiary care center, Mayo Clinic sees a wide range of neuropathologies, and as a clinical educator there, the author is a credible authority.

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