Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Critical Access Hospitals

Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Critical Access Hospitals
2021 Ed.
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ISBN-13: 978-1-63585-238-7
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Continuous compliance starts with staff who know what The Joint Commission requires. The 2022 Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Critical Access Hospitals (CAMCAH) provides all the key information your organization needs to power performance improvement and maintain continuous standards compliance. It features the official Joint Commission standards, National Patient Safety Goals®, and other accreditation requirements, including standards and elements of performance for the optional Primary Care Medical Home certification.

Not sure if your organization is a critical access hospital? A critical access hospital is defined by CMS as a hospital that offers limited services and is located more than 35 miles from a hospital or another critical access hospital or is certified by the state as being a necessary provider of health care services to residents in the area. It maintains no more than 25 beds that could be used for inpatient care. This manual won't apply unless you meet those criteria.

Key Topics:

  • • Standards requirements including the standards, National Patient Safety Goals, and Accreditation Participation Requirements effective January 1, 2022
  • • Accreditation process information about Joint Commission policies and procedures and practical survey preparation information on the Early Survey Policy, documentation requirements, standards applicability, and more
  • • Keys to successfully using the manual for survey preparedness.

Key Features:

  • • Integrated regulatory requirements for critical access hospital recognition.
  • • Icons to help navigate documentation requirements as well as risk areas.
  • • What's New summary of changes made since the previous edition.

Standards: All critical access hospital standards

Setting: Critical access hospitals

Key Audience: Staff responsible for accreditation, patient safety, or quality improvement in critical access hospitals or the distinct part psychiatric and/or rehabilitation distinct part units within a critical access hospital.

Table of Contents

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