Oxford Textbook of Medicine

Oxford Textbook of Medicine
6th Ed.
2020 © Oxford University Press
Christopher Conlon; Timothy Cox; John Firth
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Internal Medicine


More comprehensive, more authoritative, and more international than any other textbook; Oxford Textbook of Medicine focuses on offering both perspective and practical guidance on clinical management and prevention of disease.


  • • The go-to textbook in general medicine
  • • The very best in international medicine from over 900 of the world's greatest clinicians and medical scientists
  • • Unparalleled integration of basic science and clinical practice, covering all areas of internal medicine in detail
  • • The most comprehensive coverage of infectious diseases to be found in any textbook of medicine
  • • An ideal resource for anyone wanting to quickly refresh their knowledge of areas outside their specialism
  • • Recognized around the world as the trusted and ultimate reference to the whole of medicine.

New to this Edition:

  • • A new foreword by Professor Sir John Bell.
  • • 96 brand new chapters and over 2000 more pages.

Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"I only wish there were not so many years between editions of this book. It is an invaluable source of information, well written by experts in their respective fields. It will be the first reference source I choose when questions arise as I continue to practice medicine."

-- Stuart Schlisserman, MD (Private Practice) - Review from a previous edition.

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