Pediatric Collections: Social Determinants of Health

Pediatric Collections: Social Determinants of Health
1st Ed.
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Health & Social Work, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Pediatrics


This collection focuses on three categories of social determinants of health. Youths who are negatively affected by social determinants of health suffer adverse effects like increased risks of chronic health conditions and mental health issues.

Part 1: Underserved Communities - This category describes many underserved communities and the various ways their status affects their health. Members of these vulnerable communities include foster children, runaway youths, immigrants, Black, Latinx, Native Americans, and other children from minority racial groups, LGBTQ+ youths, and children living in poverty. This collection describes the challenges faced by each of these populations and how that adversity shapes their present and future health.

Part 2: Effect of Inequity - This category describes the adverse effects social determinants of health can have on vulnerable children around the world. The impact of social determinants such as racism, discrimination, poverty, and limited access to care can lead to adverse effects such as poor mental health, diabetes, heart disease, substance abuse, complications during childbirth, suicide, and unexpected death. This collection describes the ways in which these social determinants can produce negative outcomes for children in the present and future.

Part 3: Promoting Health Equity - This category describes ways pediatricians can help fight these social determinants to promote health equity for our most vulnerable children. The causes and effects of social determinants of health are well-documented. Individual and group interventions such as screening, establishing community partnerships and a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and eliminating barriers to quality health care are highlighted in this collection and can go a long way toward ensuring that all children get the care they deserve.

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