Drug-Induced Diseases: Prevention, Detection, and Management

Drug-Induced Diseases: Prevention, Detection, and Management
3rd Ed.
2018 © American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
James E. Tisdale, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP, FAPhA, FNAP, FAHA; Douglas A. Miller, PharmD
ISBN-13: 978-1-58528-530-3
Pharmacy/Pharmacology, Nursing, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement , Physician Assistant


A drug-induced disease is the unintended effect of a drug, which results in mortality or morbidity with symptoms sufficient to prompt a patient to seek medical attention and/or require hospitalization. This book, now a modern classic, examines these unintended effects and creates a knowledge base of potentially causal drugs that must be considered in medication monitoring activities.

Now in its third edition, this essential and comprehensive resource provides a detailed analysis of how to identify, prevent, and manage drug-induced diseases. Edited by James E. Tisdale and Douglas A. Miller, with contributions from experts distinguished in their respective specialties, Drug-Induced Diseases is organized logically and is easy to use for pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and pharmacy students alike.

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"Chapters on drug-induced disease are often incorporated in general pathophysiology and drug therapeutic books and focus on some of the "big organ systems" i.e., drug-induced hepatotoxicity, drug allergy, etc., but this book differentiates the topics much more and is somewhat unique in that approach."

-- Patrick McDonnell, PharmD (Temple University School of Pharmacy)

"This is a novel book that highlights the unwanted effect of drugs using an organ-specific approach. This organization allows readers to focus more on the disease state versus individually searching out specific agents that may be causing the pathology."

-- Patrick McDonnell, PharmD (Temple University School of Pharmacy) Doody's Review - prior edition


This title is designed primarily for pharmacists and pharmacy students, but this topic and book should also be introduced or emphasized more to physicians and medical students to help them recognize how iatrogenic drug-induced disease is more common than one might want to believe.

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