Understanding Drug Action

An Introduction to Pharmacology

Understanding Drug Action
1st Ed.
2014 © American Pharmacists Association
Peter J. Rice PharmD, PhD, BCPS
ISBN-13: 978-1-58212-112-3


Understanding Drug Action: An Introduction to Pharmacology provides a highly readable introduction to the science of pharmacology assumes only a modest understanding of biology, chemistry, and human physiology. Author Peter J. Rice provides readers with a survey of the scientific understanding of drug action. He discusses pharmacology at a basic scientific level to build a framework of how drugs work, and he supplements this discussion with information on some representative drugs that are used clinically.

Chapters in the book's first half provide a theoretical framework for understanding drug responses and receptors, a major organizational concept of pharmacology. The second half provides an overview of types of drugs and their effects. It is organized by major body systems such as the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and central nervous systems, and by drug classes, such as antibiotics. Each chapter includes review questions.

Key Features:
• Concise and systematic introduction to the science of pharmacology
• Knowledge objectives in each chapter
• Glossary of key terms in each chapter
• Review questions in each chapter with answers provided in the back of the book
• Tables listing brand and generic drug names and dosage forms by drug class
• More than 170 illustrations that supplement the text

Table of Contents

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