Essential Evidence Plus™ & AHFS DI® Essentials™

Essential Evidence Plus™ & AHFS DI® Essentials™
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Mark H. Ebell
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An Evidence-Based Point-of-Care Clinical Decision Support System

• Improve patient outcomes
• Inform point-of-care decisions
• Save time and stay organized on the front line
• Stay up to date with the latest evidence

EE+ is a powerful, comprehensive clinical decision support system that integrates information on 9,000 diagnoses into healthcare professional’s clinical workflows. This clinical tool, created by an international team of renowned medical experts, was developed for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals on the front line of patient care.

EE+ features over 13,000 topics, guidelines, abstracts, tools, images, and summaries covering the most common conditions, diseases, and procedures clinicians encounter daily. Every recommendation carries a strength-of-evidence rating that accurately grades each recommendation’s merit on the basis of all of the evidence available in the relevant literature.

POEMs (Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters) Research Summaries — Daily e-mail alerts and 5,000+ archived POEMs summarize the most recent, relevant research from over 100 journals to help you stay current in your practice.

Decision Support Tools — 400+ enable you to assess risk and probability, estimate the reliability of a diagnosis and prognosis, calculate a patient’s risk for disease, select the safest and most effective drug dosage, and much more

Integration with AHFS DI® EssentialsTM — from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, distills essential information on prescription and key over-the-counter (OTC) drugs in an easy-to-use and highly structured outline format

Cochrane Systematic Reviews — 5,800+ abstracts of Cochrane Systematic Reviews, the gold standard for evidence-based therapeutics, with links to the full text with a subscription to The Cochrane Library

EBM Guidelines — 900+ practice guidelines, 4,400+ evidence-graded summaries, 1,300+ high-quality photographs, and audio and videos for some of the most common diseases and procedures.

Diagnostic Test Calculators - 1,900+ indicate which test to order and assist you in interpreting the results.

History and Physical Exam Calculators - 1,700+ guide you to the most statistically accurate diagnosis possible based on a patient's history and physical exam findings.

Dermatology Image Library — An interactive expert system to assist you in diagnosing skin problems with 1,000+ high-quality photographs.

Anatomy Illustrations — Hundreds of anatomy illustrations are included within the Essential Evidence Topics.

Podcasts — Tune in each week as Dr. Mark Ebell, EE+ Editor-in-Chief, joins Dr. Michael Wilkes, NPR correspondent and Vice Dean of the UC Davis Medical School, for a brief discussion about an important, recent POEM. The discussion provides additional depth and insight into the issue covered by the POEM synopsis.

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