From Horror to Hope: Recognizing and Preventing the Health Impacts of War

From Horror to Hope: Recognizing and Preventing the Health Impacts of War
1st Ed.
2022 © Oxford University Press
Barry S. Levy
ISBN-13: 978-0-19-755864-5
eISBN-13: 978-0-19-755866-9
Public Health, Health & Social Work


War causes death, disability, and disease. It damages the health-supporting infrastructure, displaces populations, violates human rights, and diverts resources. And it subsequently leads to more violence.

From Horror to Hope documents the health consequences of war, primarily for noncombatant civilians but also for military personnel and veterans, and outlines what can be done to minimize these consequences. Written by a public health physician engaged with this subject for decades, the book also describes positive developments in addressing the health impacts of war, including new initiatives to protect civilians during war, reduce gender-based violence and mental trauma, and control the international arms trade and nuclear weapons. In addition, From Horror to Hope profiles inspire health professionals who are providing healthcare for war-affected populations and participating in education, research, and advocacy to reduce the health impacts of war. Finally, the book demonstrates how traditional public health frameworks and new paradigms can be applied to the prevention of war and the promotion of peace.

Given the current peak in armed conflicts and the increasing threat of future wars, From Horror to Hope provides an extremely timely overview for anyone seeking to understand better and address the health consequences of war.

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