Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention
1st Ed.
2021 © Cambridge University Press
Christine Yu Moutier; Anthony R. Pisani; Stephen M. Stahl
ISBN-13: 978-1-108-46362-1
eISBN-13: 978-1-108-58403-6
Psychiatry, Primary Care


The current suicide public health crisis and advances in clinical practice have increased the need for clear, evidence-informed guidance on suicide prevention in healthcare. This clinical suicide prevention handbook is an essential resource for mental health and primary care professionals. Any practitioner aiming to ensure their practice is up-to-date, patient-centered, and consistent with the most current standards of care. Starting with a summary of the science and public health model of suicide, the book offers quick tips for suicide screening, risk assessment, interventions, and follow-up communication. It discusses medicolegal risk management, how health systems can prevent suicide and provides highly specialized guidance for clinicians following the loss of a patient to suicide. Focused sections include incorporating social media into care plans, telemedicine, issues related to culture and race/ethnicity, and working with specific populations. It introduces an integrated, prevention-oriented approach to suicide prevention, incorporating realistic supports, foreseeable changes, and strategies.

  • • Provides clear and useful steps, with essential background information, that emphasize actionable steps and clear takeaway points, allowing readers to find practical guidance quickly during the clinical care of patients
  • • Tackles a very timely subject matter, with the topic of suicide prevention gaining momentum in both mainstream culture and the clinical world, and includes personal accounts voiced by people with Lived Experience of Suicide (suicide loss and attempt survivors)
  • • Covers the most recent accreditation requirements regarding new standards, supporting training efforts in health systems and providing a framework for other current changes such as the Zero Suicide movement in healthcare

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"This is a refreshing addition to the literature on suicide prevention. The high-yield and practical tone of the book and the use of figures, bullet points, and summaries make this a quick and memorable read. This will be an excellent go-to reference on suicide prevention management and associated topics for treatment professionals to have."

-- Daniel Tuinstra, MD (Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services) Doody's Review


The target audience includes any professionals who may care for patients at risk of suicide. This includes psychiatrists, other mental health professionals, primary care physicians, and other primary care professionals.

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