Family Medicine: Principles and Practice

Family Medicine: Principles and Practice
6th Ed.
2003 © Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.
Alan K. David; D. Melessa Phillips; Joseph E. Scherger; Thomas A. Johnson, Jr.
Family Practice, Primary Care


With the publication of this sixth edition, Family Medicine: Principles and Practice now spans four decades and two millennia. With each new edition, we attempt to address what is changing in family medicine and in health care, in general. Since the last edition, we have seen a maturing emphasis on evidence-based medicine and its progressive integration into the fabric of our discipline. There has been a burgeoning interest in complementary and alternative medicine. Advances in genetics are bringing what was once a basic science into the primary care office. There has been renewed enthusiasm for population-based medicine by family physicians and a new look at the ecology of health care. The book has discussions of each of these important topics.

In addition, the sixth edition has new chapters on Family Issues in Health Care, Selected Problems of Aging, Home Care, and Medical Informatics, the Internet, and Telemedicine. Within other chapters, new topics have been added. These include: autistic spectrum disorder, HIV and AIDS in infants and children, Hantavirus infection, ischemic bowel syndromes, thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, hemolytic-uremic syndrome, the human genome, and helping patients with Medicare. Along with current traditional therapy, alternative/complementary medicine remedies are discussed in many chapters.

This edition, for the first time, has a list of Commonly Used Abbreviations, such as CBC, CT and HIV; see page xxxi.

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"This sixth edition is without question the strongest, most comprehensive version yet."

-- Donald Frey, MD (Creighton University Medical Center) Doody's Review


Written for learners at all stages of training, the book delivers its content in a fashion that is user-friendly for all levels of clinical practice. The editors are all noted academic family physicians.

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