Decker: Psychiatry

Decker: Psychiatry
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Welcome to Decker: Psychiatry!

Decker: Psychiatry is a comprehensive publication for all stages of training and practice in psychiatry. Evidence-based reviews rely on clinical trials and meta-analyses and best clinical practices are based on published guidelines, with DSM5 data cited in every review. This resource is richly illustrated with algorithms, clinical photos, tables, CT scans, and medical artwork to enhance the reading experience.

Psychiatry Sections:
• Fundamentals
• Psychotherapy
• Addiction
• Child Psychiatry
• Cognitive Disorders
• Dissociative Disorders
• Mood and Anxiety Disorders
• Neurostimulation
• Personality Disorders
• Schizophrenia
• Sleep and Sexual Disorders
• Somatic Symptom Disorders
• Trauma-Related Disorders
• Psychopharmacology

Recent Additions/Updates:
• Dissociative Disorders and Their Clinical Management Part One: Dissociative Amnesia (Including Its Variant Dissociative Fugue)
• Parasomnias
• Overview of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
• Suicidal Behaviors and their Clinical Management in Adults
• Encephalitis
• Group Psychotherapy: Development of a Successful Group
• Group Psychotherapy: Group Therapist Leadership Skills
• Paraphilic Disorders
• Intellectual Disability
• Pain Syndromes Other Than Headache
• Neurostimulation
• Epilepsy and Related Disorders
• Sexual Dysfunctions

Decker: Psychiatry was developed to provide comprehensive and up-to-date medical information. This resource is available online, and is continually updated.

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